Green Crack x Super Silver H. Marijuana Seeds

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More About Green Crack x Super Silver H. (Fem)

A Sativa Strain with Renowned Genetics

Green Crack x Super Silver H. feminized is a pure and compelling Sativa strain. It is an offspring of Green Crack and Super Silver Haze, which gives it a perfect combination as it possesses the excellent qualities of Sativa and Indica strains.

The plant prospers into a short yet shaggy and is abundant in resin. Her THC content ranges from around 18 to 24 percent. That kind of THC level is already enough to become high and get the best of psychedelic effects. You will feel relaxed, uplifted, mentally focused, and creative for hours.

Knowing its good ancestry, Green Crack x Super Silver H. is guaranteed to take a shorter period to flower. Cultivators will only have to make sure that they properly nourish and maintain the plant so she can develop captivating and flavorful yields. She can prosper either in indoors or outdoors setting.

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