Green Crack x Somango Marijuana Seeds

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More About Green Crack x Somango (fem)

A Giant Plant that is Rich in THC Content

Cannabis enthusiasts desiring for sound sleep and a deeply relaxing experience would love to try the Green Crack x Somango feminized. Although a novice, it provides an outstanding scenario of tension-free unraveling. To guarantee this, the Indica-inclined traits of Green Crack was amalgamated with the Indica-dominant Somango. It is also enhanced with a THC ability of 15 to 25 percent. With that particular genetic structure, physical sedation is highly anticipated with a ravishing mind buzz.

The formulation of Green Crack x Somango is a good fortune to cultivators. Considering the variation of massive Indica ancestry, the feminized seed is relatively easy to prosper. It does not require plenty of vertical space; however, its many lateral branches require a huge space. It can suit small-spaced growing cabinets easily. Moreover, as the plant begins to flower, its credible, wide limbs will not require any support.

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