Green Crack x Core Marijuana Seeds

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More About Green Crack x Core (Fem)

A Great Rush of Mood and Energy

Green Crack x Core feminized is a peculiar amalgamation that features the dominance of Sativa genes by giving a smooth rush of energy and mood upliftment. Although it is a neophyte in the industry, it makes a promising addition in the cannabis industry because of its distinct version of its ancestry with characteristics that comprises a combination of aromas comprising of earthy, pine, and citrus notes.

The blending of Green Crack x Core is of outstanding value, not just because of its medicinal and recreational usage. Briefly, it is the gentler variant of Green Crack with improved patterns of growth – one of which is the comparably rapid flowering period that inclines towards the genes of Sativa. It is a plant that ranges from a small to medium size that suits in most growing areas.

To increase yields, growing it through hydroponics or with soil together with sufficient nutrients would be beneficial.

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