Gorilla Lemon Fire Marijuana Seeds

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More About Gorilla Lemon Fire (fem)

An Aromatic Lemon Experience

Gorilla Lemon Fire feminized is the result of the amalgamation of Zkittlez, Lemon Pie, and Gorilla Glue #4. Featuring the aroma of Zkittlez, Gorilla Lemon Fire has a fruity aroma with the vicious citrus tang of Lemon Pie to produce a stimulating treat that is perfect to the senses. Traces of Haze tang and fruits are also delicately discernible. Meanwhile, its intense psychoactive high is influenced by the Gorilla Glue #4.

Gorilla Lemon Fire displays a tall structure – a Sativa characteristic that is dominant in Lemon Pie. It develops broadly-spaced internodes; thus, the foliage will only call for occasional pruning.

Although this plant is characteristically flexible against the attacks of the pathogen as well as intemperate weather conditions, each part of the bud may keep moisture and conceal molds. Fundamentally, guaranteeing the optimal level of humidity and temperature is the grow area is parallel to inhibiting bud rot.

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