Gorilla Glue #4 Feminized

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Gorilla Glue #4 Marijuana Seeds is a balanced hybrid with high THC and fast flowering time. It is a tall plant growing up to 200 cm high with towering THC at 27%. Your plants will produce up to 800 grams per plant outdoors and 600 grams per square meter of indoor growing space. You’ll adore its earthy, pine, sweet, and diesel flavors.

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More About Gorilla Glue #4 (fem)

The Typical Glue That is Heavy and Compelling

Gorilla Glue #4 is an amalgamation of Chem Sister, Chocolate Diesel, and Sour Dubb. It is an equally Indica-Sativa hybrid which strives either indoors or outdoors settings with the condition that the outdoor setting, should have a warm climate. The Mediterranean is best for this seed, considering the intensity of the sun rays.

The flowering period of this plant when indoors normally take around 8 to 9 weeks. The potential yield is around 400 to 500 grams per square meter. If cultivated outdoors, normal harvest per plant is around 500 grams with harvest normally done in the middle of October.

Gorilla Glue #4 feminized emit aromas of pine, coffee, and fruit while the flavor comprises hints of chocolate and spices. Medicinally, she is also utilized to alleviate the manifestations of pains, stress, anxiety, depression, migraines, loss of appetite, and insomnia.

4 reviews for Gorilla Glue #4 Feminized

  1. McCord

    Oh my goodness! this strain is powerful! been 3 yrs in smoking weed but first time to puff this, 2 hits makes me intensely high! hahah I feel so sleepy and lazy, wanna stay at home all day..Damn! I have urgent things to do for today..also, it wipe out pain and leaves me feeling good! strong odor can be smell at first puff but earthy scent stays on exhale. Has a taste of sweet pine..cultivated her outdoor under sunshine, after 8-10 weeks ready to harvest! each plant yield nearly 26.8 ounces of sticky buds..mine,stretches up to 175cm tall, not bad at all..Indeed! great seeds!

  2. SVickers

    2nd time growing it and I’ll have to say they’ve outperformed all my other plants each time. Big sticky frosty buds are a guarantee. It was was 3′ tall, bushy with nice size buds it produced a 1/2 oz. Fast to finish. very euphoric cerebral blow that’s strong enough to shut off negative thoughts and other external stressors. once toke, the relaxing sensation becomes more intense, but never crippling. It has an earthy fragrance blended with hints of bitter coffee that also emerges. Best for depression. I’ll definitely be keeping this one!

  3. Skeemake

    Hello, I must admit that GG#4 is hard to beat. It has a great yield and is very frosty! It takes me a few extra days to dry and cure GG#4 because it is so sticky, but I am not complaining! I have been growing for years and have a finely tuned grow room. Perfect for anxiety and stress. it induces a heavy head high with a potent push to relaxation. Also to be noted, are how long its effects can last – often leaving me in a hazy cerebral high for up to 4 hours. It was perfect as its taste! so excited to go home and relax with this weed!

  4. Betty P.

    Stickiest strain i’ve ever grown! i don’t know what to expect in growing this, but harvest time comes and she surprised me with high yields, a single plant shares up to 27oz of solid buds (in 10 weeks) provided with enough sunlight and proper care. Gosh! her odor is strong but i used to it, the earthy scent stays when i breathe out with a bit of sweet pine. after few puff the high starts to shut off stress and negativity. Soothing buzz wipe out worries and gives a full-bodied relaxation. After smoke I eat a lot, super hungry lol. One of a kind, pretty sure i’ll have some more!

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