Screen of Green (SCROG)


The screen of green is an abbreviated term for SCROG. This is referred to as the technique for indoor growing utilized in maximizing yields. This is also while still reducing the waste and use of energy. So far, this is a relatively lower-cost method that controls the growth of plants indoors. This involves the growth of shorts plants over such a huge size of floor plan. That is also without the use of trellising. Moreover, this employs the utilization of plastic or metal screens or the grinds wherein the plants will grow up using the sprawl outwards. This is also an assisted type of low-stress type of training.

Sample 1

“The thing about the screen of green is that it can easily be accomplished by a grower like me considering my cannabis cultivation.”

Sample 2

“I just so like the screen of green that fosters such a good airflow around the stems of the cannabis plants.”