Backcross (BX)


A backcross is a form of plant breeding that makes it possible for particular highly desired traits to be transferred from the parent plant to the resulting offspring. Backcrossing differs from traditional breeding techniques as it breeds a plant with one of its carefully selected parents. Backcrossing results in creating a hybrid plant. The hybrid plant will possess genes that are more similar to and consistent with the parent’s genes. Backcrossing allows breeders to ensure the survival of rare strains, and it also allows the strengthening of certain genes.

Sample 1

“Do you have any experience with backcrossing? I am a beginner cannabis breeder, and so I will really appreciate some help!”

Sample 2

“The most favorite female plant in my cannabis garden has only a single disadvantage: it is too high! I want to backcross it in order to stabilize its height.”

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