This term pertains to the genus of plants that are considered monocotyledonous-flowering, this means they’re plants coming from seeds that contain a single embryonic leaf or cotyledon. To be specific, this family includes the non-bulbing and bulbing plants like shallots, garlic, scallions, chives, and leeks. Aside from those culinary plants, this family also has ornamental alliums, such as the yellow allium, drumstick allium, gladiator alliums, and globemaster. Allium is the Latin word for “garlic”.

Sample 1

“Fact: Did you know that allium exists in many forms? There are over 700 various kinds of alliums known by mankind.”

Sample 2

“I think allium can be beneficial to human health. It contains organosulfur compounds with antioxidant properties that made it protective against some health problems like cancer and heart disease.”


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