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More About CBD Girl Scout Cookies (1:1)

A Not Ever Forgotten Strain

CBD GIRL Scout Cookies is a CBD-rich version of the most popular GSC. It makes itself known by having flavorful and remarkable resinous buds that are ideal for making cannabis extracts. By having a menacing force of CBD, it gives a lot of medicinal benefits. It is the best choice for those sick patients who do not think the feeling of psychedelic high with the process of healing. This strain has won multiple Cannabis Cups due to its THC level of up to 28%. As mentioned earlier, that this strain is CBD-rich variety makes an effect of having 1:1 THC to CBD ratio that provides balance healing properties with the psychoactive outcome.

Even growing this strain is not quite the easiest; it is not considered to be challenging either. But if you are an experienced grower, CBD GSC is surely a delight to grow since it was the feminized seed. As it is originally native from California, this strain gives its full potential when growing outdoors with a Mediterranean-like climate. Also, the indoor setting is still good as it only stands for as much as 70 cm tall; this means that it does not need much vertical space. This strain grows bushy, dense, and sturdy plants, so topping it is advisable to have more prolific flower production. By doing so, with appropriate care, this plant rewarded you with 400 to 500 grams of dense buds after just eight weeks of the flowering period. Typically, it harvests during the late month of September when cultivating it outdoors.

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