Germination Method to Sprout Cannabis Seeds

germinating cannabis seeds

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So now that you have chosen the right cannabis seed strain that you want to grow, it is now time to start planting. But before you decide to cover your seeds in soil or with any other growing medium that you desire, you need to know how to germinate them first.

Germination is done in order to begin growing and sprouting the roots so that you will start strong. Germination is triggered in cannabis seeds when they are exposed to moisture. So in order to do the germination properly, you would need to expose them to a warm and moist place. But note that too much water exposure can drown them or cause molds to grow on the surface.

So experts say that the best way to germinate your seeds is to do it in a two step process. The first step is to pre-soak them in a glass of water. Soaking your cannabis seeds in a glass of water before germination has two purposes. One is that you are prepping them so that they get enough moisture before germinating and the second one is to test the viability of all of your seeds. the water you use should be purified. Add in your seeds and let it sit for around 24 hours in a warm and dark place. The seeds that sink to the bottom are the good ones while the ones that float are likely not to germinate.

The second step is to use the paper towel method to enable germination. Dampen the paper towel with purified water just enough so that it is not dripping. Place the good seeds in the middle of the paper towel then fold them inside. Then store the damp paper towel with seeds inside a resealable bag and store in a warm and dark place. Check daily to see if the tap root has come out yet.

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