Buy Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Cannabis plants are regarded as dioecious, which means that its male and female reproductive organs are present in separate individuals. Female plants are usually grown in a location without males in order to produce the output that are found usually in recreational and medical marijuana stores: high potency marijuana flowers, known as sinsemilla.

Feminized seeds, in general, are those that are produced by making the monoecious, or hermaphrodites in a female cannabis plant. This can be done through various methods. One is spraying the plant using a colloidal silver solution. It can also be performed using rodelization, as well as spraying gibberellic acid.

Understanding Feminized Seeds Origin

Feminized seeds grow into plants which are almost similar to self-pollinated female parent plants, since only a single set of genes is available. At times, this is called as “cloning by seed”, which means that they will not produce male plants.

Most feminized seeds producers do not go through long and expensive methods of determining a stable mother plant for producing seeds. If not most of the feminized seeds, many end up as hermaphrodites, which results in flowers with seeds, as well as overall reduced yields.

Popular breeders today offer feminized seeds. The feminized variety are idea for easy and faster growing and flowering. With these seeds, growers can decide the number of plants that they can germinate, and simply grow them.

How Are Seeds Feminized

Taking an easier route is often more uncomplicated and rewarding. This involves buying feminized seeds from a reliable dispensary. However, just to understand the makeup of these seeds, knowing how they are created is also a good thing to do.

The technique in feminizing seeds involves two methods in manipulating cannabis plants in order to produce only females from cannabis seeds. One technique is the addition of colloidal silver. It is a distilled water-based solution in which different microscopic silver particles are suspended.

The second technique involves a process called Rodelization. Sinsemilla is not natural for cannabis. Without help from humans, it would be difficult to look for an unpollinated female plant in the plant, unless the plant was sterile. One thing to note, however, is that this technique is not a recommended option, unless you are an expect grower.

Why Choose Feminized Seeds

A lot of the strains sold as feminized seeds have genetics which were controlled carefully by their breeders so as to bring out the defining characteristics of every strain. This will allow users more options in terms of aromas, flavors and cannabinoid content.

The plants are also expected to be more aromatic, productive, attractive, and powerful. The use of feminized seeds also ensures that your plants grow well in the specific condition in which you are growing them. The effort of breeders to identify, categorize and create new strains result to the feminization of seeds that are guaranteed to produce buds that are ready for harvesting, while reducing labor at the same time. With this in mind, there is no need to go back to the use of non-feminized seeds!