How Far Away Should you Keep Away your Marijuana Lights?

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Marijuana Lights in Growing Cannabis

Non marijuana growers might think that growing marijuana is just a walk in the park, but the truth is that it’s not. It requires time, effort, money and most of all, deep thought and lots and lots of research. This is true even for the simple matter of how far you place the growing lights in the growing room.

The distance from your marijuana growing lights to your marijuana plants could be something that others might overlook but it is one factor that should be well thought of. In this article we will talk about how far you should place your growing lights from your plants for the most common types of growing lights and different wattages so stay tuned.

Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lights, although not popularly used for gardening and growing are not very hot. So you can place them fairly closely to your plants without causing any form of light burn. You can even place them as close as just a few inches and it would still be find. If you’re not sure about the placement you could do the hand test by place your hand under the bulb, close to the plant and determine whether the temperature is too hot or not. And if you can manage to hold your hand under the light for 30 seconds then the light placement is alright.

If you want to use fluorescent lights as your growing lights, make sure that you do low stress training on your plants where you bend the stems outwards to form a kind of canopy to make sure that all parts of the plants are exposed to the same amount of light.

LED Lighting

Unlike fluorescent lights, LED lights are a popular choice for marijuana growers. One main advantage of these types of growing lights is that they are very energy efficient and also do not get very hot at all.

However if you do decide to use LED lights, you must be prepared to do a little trial and error when it comes to how far you should place it from your plants. That is because there is not particular standard for the distance when it comes to LEDs. You would be lucky if you manage to buy a variant that has instructions about distance from plants of the packaging, if not, there comes in the tricky part.

Just because LED lights are generally cooler than all the others that does not mean that they should be so near that they are touching your plants. Even with cool bulbs, plants could still get light burn from too much exposure to light. You would know that your plants are experiencing light burn where there are tiny little brown spots appearing on the leaves.

If you haven’t yet found out the proper distance or are quite unsure, here some guidelines that could work for you: when using a 1 watt bulb, they should be at least one foot away from your plants. When using 3 to 5 watts bulbs, place them at least 18 inches away from the marijuana plants. If you are using something a lot bigger than that, they should be at least 2.5 feet away from your marijuana plants.

HID Lighting

Another popular choice for growing lights for amateur and expert marijuana growers alike are HID lights. Like LED lights, using HID is most appropriate during the vegetative stage of growth. But compared to LED, HID lights are more likely to get you higher leads upon harvesting. so if you’ve purchased some HID lights already, check out the guidelines for theproper distance below.

For HID lights with 150 watts, the distance should be at least 8 inches from the plants. If you are using 250 watts, it should be at least 10 inches away. For 400 watt bulbs, they should be 1 foot away from the marijuana plants. And if you are using 600 watts, place them at least 14 inches away from the tops of the marijuana plants.


So there you have it, you have now learned that lighting and its distance from your marijuana plants should not be something that should be neglected. As an indoor grower, you have everything at your disposal to manipulate the environment however you like it. And it’s good to know exactly how to do it so that you won’t be wasting your time, money and effort. Good luck!

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