Exodus Cheese x Blue Head Band Marijuana Seeds

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More About Exodus Cheese x Blue Head Band (fem)

A Cheesy and Powerful Experience

Exodus Cheese x Blue Head Band feminized is a mixture of Exodus Cheese and Blue Headband. It is a tasty hybrid that only a few gets the chance to revel in. It is a peculiar hybrid with symmetrical properties that merits recognition of the large cannabis enthusiasts. It provides an effortless high, which is truly admirable in this kind of strain.

When checking the pattern of its growth, this feminized plant happens to possess a larger influence of the Sativa. Comparing to other variants that demonstrate an equal level of mental incitement, the 8 to 10 weeks flowering period will be the standard.

Growing Exodus Cheese x Blue Head Band is quite simple. It carries the feature of Indica of being sturdy and can endure harsh weather conditions. There is no likely to be a concern when growing this plant as long as pruning and trimming are done regularly.

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