Exodus Cheese Marijuana Seeds

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More About Exodus Cheese (Fem)

A Fairly Mysterious Yet Familiar Strain

Cannabis cultivation is a tricky process. Some strain’s lineage can be traced back to its roots, while others often remain a mystery. Exodus Cheese might have the familiar creamy, cheesy flavor, but its true origins remain a mystery. While it does have the Cheese influence, it is also a separate entity of its own through its wide variety of flavors.

Smoking this weed instills an uplifting high to its users. Negative thoughts are erased and replaced by sharpened focus and attention to detail. This well-balanced strain also has an Indica effect in its second half. A more pleasant sensation will soon drift over, causing a relaxing effect on the body. This slowly builds up towards an intense outburst of happy thoughts and feelings of relaxation.

This plant is quite easy to grow. While this tall plant surely enjoys the outdoor environment, growing this indoors is still possible with a lot of topping.

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