Early Skunk x C99 Marijuana Seeds

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More About Early Skunk x C99 (fem)

The Perfect Combo For Relaxation

Early Skunk x Cinderella 99 is a new strain created by crossing Early Skunk with Cinderella 99. Serving THC content of around 21%, this evenly-balanced strain proceeds to give its users a relaxing and beneficial physical relaxation, which is great for those who are tired of the day’s work. While it is often recommended for users to consume this weed in the daytime, it truly shines as a way to curb an exhausting day. This skunky fruity plant instills a happy demeanor to its user and allows for a boost in mental energies. The revitalizing effect helps keep you focused.

The combination of these effects makes for a great treatment against stress and fatigue. Many people often disregard rest and relaxation as a way to prevent fatigue, and with the help of this strain and its rejuvenating qualities, it should be the ultimate response to stress. Meanwhile, growing this strain should be easy for those who have a greenhouse. The use of organic insecticide is highly recommended for this strain, and harvest should be done without any problems.

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