Drying and Curing Marijuana

Drying and Curing Marijuana Buds

Curing and drying your marijuana buds is essential to improving the taste and potency of your buds. Drying and curing also reduce the possibility of mold and bacterial growth that could compromise the health of your buds. Ready to give it a try? Just follow these steps:


The main goal of drying your buds is to remove all the excess of moisture that it has after harvesting. This is also an initial step towards the decomposition of chlorophyll and conversion of THC into your buds. Though this process can be neglected, it has been proven to increase potency of cannabis buds.

Optimization of Temperature, Humidity, and Lighting Conditions

Before you start drying the cannabis buds, it is important to plan, organize, and control some of the parameters needed for drying. This is important to make sure that your buds will be properly dried.

Room temperature should be around 21°C to run through the process. The humidity levels should not exceed 50% to avoid developing heat or moisture. Make sure not to expose your buds to any form of light to avoid disrupting the conversion process.

Hanging and Drying your Buds

Hanging and clipping your cannabis buds upside down is the standard method for drying your cannabis. Usually, drying takes 3-7 days depending on the quality of the bud. Examine the texture of your cannabis buds. If you feel like the buds are dry enough and do not bend upon touching, then it’s most likely now viable for curing.


The main goal of this process is storing and improving the potency of your cannabis buds. This is the continuation of the drying process where THC is being converted and chlorophyll is decomposed.

Optimization of Temperature, Humidity, and Lighting Conditions

Basically, you need to store your cannabis buds in a place where it is secure and safe from moisture and light. Dark with a stabled room temperature about 21°C and 60-65% humidity levels are ideal for the curing process.

Storing Your Buds

Put the buds in an air-tight glass mason jar. It is important to organize the placement of buds in the jar so that overcrowding is avoided.

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