How to Dry Cannabis Buds Fast

drying cannabis

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This article will give you simple tips you can apply and follow in order to dry your buds fast.
1)    Microwave steam method
In this method you will need the following things:
•        Tupperware with removable cover
•        Fresh buds
•        Three pieces of paper towels
•        Microwave with setting options
•        Water
This method will require you to put your buds under the Tupperware using the paper towels as mat and cover, sprinkle water in it, and put it under 40%-50% microwave power. This method however, is not recommended.
2)    Ballast drying method
Put the fresh buds in the envelope and spread them inside evenly. Put it on the top of remote ballast and keep it there with a light for 2-3 hours.

3)    Oven toaster method
In applying this method, make sure that you set the oven settings to the lowest power. Use its tray as a container for your buds and put it on the top (not inside) of your oven toaster. For every 5 minutes in the process, turn the pieces of the buds to ensure a fair drying over each dimension. Usually, this method will take 20-30 minutes before it will get dry.

4)    Couch method
Finally, the couch method has come which gives a total drying effect and quality of your buds. Simply put your buds in an ashtray, place it on the couch with a vent and choose a place where there is warmth and airflow and let it dry overnight. This method may sound strange and will take a bit long but it will give good quality dried buds. This method retains the potency as well as the good taste of your buds.

Important note: The methods stated above are only applicable for quick-drying of your buds. It has a different effect compared to the normal drying process.

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