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More About CBD Diesel (1:1)

Blazing Stinky Medicine

CBD Diesel has a fantastic effect in both medicinal and recreational use. It was from the combination of the three strong strains, namely: Dieseltonic, AK 47, and the Critical Mass strain. This strain will surely not disappoint you as it gives your body into a deep relaxation that is even essential to try by beginners but with moderation. It has a unique sweet lemon-pine fragrance that seduces users to go for another hit. Whether you choose a long ride or a fast ticket, it surely gives you happy with just one or two puffs. With beauty and even giving happiness to everyone, CBD Diesel is also considered to be every grower’s dream.

As it grows, you may see its flowers become big, and its sweet fragrance becomes strong. Its leaves are like having a glitter except in the middle part of it. Making the plant more captivating is due to its long and curly color deep orange pistils. The plant flourishes well when employing the SOG technique, but bear in mind that CBD Diesel can reach an average height for up to 5 to 6 feet, so another thing is it requires a good air circulation as its compact buds are prone to molds. After a 9 to 10 flowering period, it yields for 460 up to 600 grams of buds each square meter.

Another choice is to bask it under the sun in an outdoor setting with a sunny, balmy, and dry climate. This plant will reward a possible 600 grams of buds per plant, and in the Northern Hemisphere, it is ready to harvest by the mid-month of October.

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