Crystal Feminized

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Crystal Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with medium levels of THC and delicious fruity flavors. You’ll get a high 18% THC when you grow this small plant. But despite its size, you can get high yields of up to 750 grams per plant outdoors and 400 to 500 grams per square meter indoors.

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More About Crystal (fem)

The Powerhouse Cannabis Gem

Crystal got its name from the crystal-covered buds it produces. Growers all over the world would be itching to get their hands on this feminized seeds as it allows a far easier means of developing these types of high-quality buds. The name lives up to its reputation not only for its glorious physical characteristics but for its THC content and effects. Easily recognizable as one of the most iconic strains in the world, this Indica dominant plant get its attributes from two of the equally iconic strains in Northern Lights and White Widow.

This sweet pine tasting weed tends to bring a euphoric rush that quickly lightens up the mood. With this sense of bliss flowing through the brain, one can imagine its effects on the body. The 21% THC content offers complete relaxation without the couch-lock experience. This leaves the hybrid a better weed to smoke in the afternoon or early in the evening when you want to chill and relax.

Growing Crystal should be straightforward, knowing that it can be cultivated using feminized seeds. When subjected to stress training, this strain should reach its maximum yield potential.

5 reviews for Crystal Feminized

  1. Alma R

    Great for first time growers out there. it was very simple to grow and is quite short compared to the ones I’ve grown before. however, it needs a wide space as it expands horizontally. I harvested around 650g/plant which was more than I expected! Taking this was very smooth and tasted like pines and diesel with a hint of sweetness. The effects weren’t extreme and was very balanced which I loved! It is perfect for stressful days wherein I just want to unwind. I highly recommend you to purchase this.

  2. Quithat

    It was my first grow. Good yield and a very quick growing time. Grown under LED. Not as dense as I thought these flowers would be however, the smell and aroma made this plant a pleasure to grow. These resin-filled buds promise amazing effect along with a great taste. Also, its psychedelic effects are well sends a euphoric rush to the head and quickly brightens the mood. Perfect with anxiety and stress. It’s best used late in the afternoon, before dinner time!

  3. BPetty

    Crystal is not a tall plant, and it can be kept at just over 3 feet indoor. I used a hydroponic setup to help me speed up its journey from seeds to harvest. I waited 10 weeks for me to harvest it. The buds are well-formed and laden with a thick frosting of very sticky crystals, giving this strain its well-earned name 🙂 It gives off a sweet and sugary aroma that is both pleasant and mouth-watering. It is also smooth and easy on the throat. The hit takes a moment to kick in and then lifts off with an intense, clear headed and creative rush that is sociable and fun! 100% proven and recommended!

  4. Regina

    This strain has a lovely sweet smell that also emerges when smoked. the crystals didn’t disappoint me as they took me into a relaxed creative all-over buzz without any signs of a couch-lock. Raising this was quite easy. A short and bushy plant. Its buds grow thick and full of resin and have that lovable fluffy look that promises great taste as well as effect. so go ahead and give them a try today!

  5. Elaine T.

    Mild long-lasting body buzz! this strain is good enough for beginners for she is easy to grow and pays back with great yields..nurtured her in my lawn spot underneath the sunlight..each plant yield 680g of pine-scent buds..quite short plant that reaches about 3ft tall..I usually smoke this at night with my buddies, we loved her pine taste blend well with fuel scent so smooth on the throat!..once hit, head rush uplifts my mood to positive vibes along with happiness and take away stress, then soothing feeling flows in my nerves bring deep relaxation..expect dry eyes and mouth during and after smoke, keep hydrated!..Thumbs up! buy now!..

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