Critical x Somango Marijuana Seeds

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Fruity-Flavored Medicine

Critical x Somango needs no introduction. This Indica leaning plant is already making rounds in the cannabis community. Known for its fruity mango flavor and aroma mixed with potent THC value, this strain has everything that everyone is looking for. This well-rounded strain offers pain relief and is a great muscle relaxant. It soothes tired and cramped up muscles making you even more relaxed. As the effects take place, you begin to wonder why it has taken you so long to discover this powerful strain.

Clocking at a THC level of 18%, one might think that this is not a very overwhelming strain, but it is highly advised to take this weed with caution. The palatable flavors mask its potency; thus, users tend to consume more than what is recommended, and you may end up having to deal with agitation. This soul-soothing strain is also a great outdoor weed to grow. This tall plant will naturally try to reach up towards the sky and should be grown in your backyard.

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