Critical x No Name Marijuana Seeds

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More About Critical x No Name Autoflower 

Fast and Thick

Critical x No Name Autoflower stands out when it comes to potency, aroma, and yield. She’s one of the newest indica-dominant strains that will be a delightful and hard-hitting addition to your garden.

When it comes to effect, she delivers a euphoric and relaxing body high that will make you feel uplifted and sleepy for an hour or longer. Your taste buds will savor and enjoy the cheesy, citrusy, earthy, and lemony flavors with the pine undertone. With 16-20% THC, Critical x No Name Autoflower induces an intense body high.

A beautiful autoflowering strain that deserves to be somewhere in your garden. She will let you enjoy all-year-round yields as she can flower faster than you think. She maintains a short and bushy structure, making her friendly to growers, especially to novices. Keep her healthy and happy. Encourage her to produce medium to high yields!

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