Critical x Faster Buds Marijuana Seeds

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More About Critical x Faster Buds Autoflower 

Great and Fast-Flowering

If you’re thinking of adding a new strain to your garden, then go for Critical x Fuster Buds Autoflower. She’s a gorgeous strain with constant genetics coupled with a dynamic production to offer the best value for your money.

Her rapid growth lets her reach the flowering period faster than the original version of this cannabis strain. This is one of the reasons why Critical x Fuster Buds Autoflower is highly recommended for beginners.

She thrives well indoors but can also grow outdoors. Since she leans towards the indica side, she tends to grow fast and maintains a short stature. Her yummy buds exude a diesel scent coupled with that musky undertone.

Her effect starts with the relaxing sensation that will intensify and transform into the explosive high. If you take her at a higher dose, she will take you to the couch-locked state for sure. You will love it so much!

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