Critical x AK47 Marijuana Seeds

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More About Critical x AK47 Autoflower

Aromatic and Flavorful

This strain shares the best of both Critical and AK47 in just one package. Critical x AK47 Autoflower is highly potent for having THC levels reaching 22%. Her effect is quite gentle and pleasing. Her strength is leaning towards the indica side, so she delivers a soothing body high.

After taking some tokes, you will feel the cerebral buzz that is so mild and less likely to cause haziness or lightheadedness. She is also sufficiently intense to uplift and delivers bless in no time. While the high kicks in, you will find yourself becoming talkative and giggly. Therefore, she is a great smoke to enjoy before any social event.

The buds exude a scent that resembles the aroma of mushrooms with the intense note of vanilla and mixed fruits. Each toke will also reward your palate with a yummy fruity taste with hints of honey. Critical x AK47 Autoflower is also easy to grow as she stays short and bushy. Cultivate her to enjoy those thick and resinous colas.

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