Critical Purple Marijuana Seeds

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More About Critical Purple Autoflower

Short but Terrible!

A great indica auto strain. For sure, you will love the intense body high that she will induce. This type of high induces a focused, relaxed, tingly, and sleepy high. You will enjoy the earthy, citrus, woody, and sweet notes for the taste and aroma. The effect of Critical Purple Auto takes time to come by.

When it arrives, you will initially feel minor mental clarity. It is a mild cerebral stimulation that will lighten your mood. In the long run, you will notice the warm and buzzing sensation that will drift into your body. You may also feel tingly while it spreads across your extremities. Then, it will also bring on a sense of heaviness. Eventually, the sensation will intensify to a sedating bodily high that will put you in a bed of bliss.

Since she’s an auto strain, her blooming time is quite shorter. Considering all these things, she might be the best addition to your garden.

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