Critical Mass x Cheese Candy Marijuana Seeds

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More About Critical Mass x Cheese Candy (fem)

A Cheesy Candy Treat For the Ailing Body

Critical Mass x Cheese Candy is an Indica dominant strain that offers enhanced flavor and effects from its parent strains. An ideal strain for an afternoon toke or nighttime relaxation, this hybrid showcases how different strains work in tandem and blend well together to enhance the capabilities of its parent strains. You have Cheese Candy and its powerful uplifting high and cheesy, creamy flavor and Critical Mass and its entrancing effects and medical value.

The effects of this strain hit fast in the head and immediately changes the demeanor of its smoker. Any unwanted feelings will instantly dissipate and replaced by a happier one. There will be a sudden creative rush along with a stimulating high that inspires ideas. A body buzz will soon follow, allowing a calm and meditative experience to the user. With its high resistance to moisture, pests, and diseases, this is a strain that is ideally grown outdoors and loves the sunlight. Doing so would bring optimal yields of up to 1,300 grams per plant.

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