Critical Mass x Amnesia Haze Marijuana Seeds

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Critical Mass x Amnesia Haze is a mostly Sativa strain that is widely popular not only for its amazing psychoactive effects but its calming and meditative properties. As soon as you smell the freshly cured blunt, you can begin to imagine how amazing this weed has to offer. Coming from a very solid lineage, this Sativa dominant strain’s effect starts with a hard-hitting high that tears down your walls and fades worries away. The effects do not stop there. It continuously attacks your senses by improving your mental capacity and allowing for more focus.

This newfound mental clarity allows for a more responsive approach to tasks. Everything begins to feel lighter, better, and brighter. You begin to feel good inside. Such feelings of well-being, later on, translates to a painless and sedating experience. Critical Mass x Amnesia Haze is great medical marijuana known for its effective pain-relieving qualities. A single dose of this weed should be enough to remove any form of pain in the body.

Growing this weed can be a challenge for beginners as it is quite intricate to cultivate. The ideal environment would be an outdoor setup with plenty of sunlight and a cooler climate.

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