Critical Blue Feminized

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Critical Blue Marijuana Seeds is a high THC strain, an indica-dominant cannabis strain with a compact body. THC levels are as high as 21%, while yields can be as much as 750 grams per plant outdoors and up to 400 grams per square meter indoors. This is a small plant at only 80cm tall.

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More About Critical Blue (fem)

An Ideal Evening Weed

Critical Blue is a cross between Critical and Blueberry. This lineage alone tells us that this Indica dominant strain is full of flavors and profound properties that help relax the mind and body. One can take advantage of its relaxing high by smoking this weed at the end of the day. The mental stimulation also helps with finishing the job at hand. Once the body buzz creeps in, the muscles begin to feel numb, and your limbs will give in. With THC content reaching up to 19%, newbies of this cannabis will find it quite enjoyable as it is not overwhelming to the senses.

Apart from its euphoric effects, this weed also generates healing capabilities such as freedom from pain, mood-enhancing qualities that destroy depression and anxiety. The boost in mental energies also keep up with productivity and lessens the onset of stress. If you are a fan of this weed, make sure to grab the feminized seeds and start planting them outdoors.

2 reviews for Critical Blue Feminized

  1. Christiansen, E.

    It was a quite powerful punch. It has a mild cerebral effect that uplifts the mind- very euphoric. Best to treat stress! These plants have grown to be extremely robust and now having sent them into flower, They definitely do smell like blueberries! They look like they’ll be producing a pretty good yield as well!

  2. Dane

    Unwind after work with this relaxing, highly fragrant strain. It was a powerful anti-depressant so it really helps with stress and anxiety. These were also very straightforward to grow but requires extra attention at times. best suited for more experienced cultivators. It was a small yet compact plant. Its foliage was quiet bushy so it needs to be pruned regularly. It has a lemony berry flavor perfect for my taste! Must try!

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