Critical +

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More About Critical + (fem)

A Beloved Popular Weed

Critical + is an evenly balanced strain that originated from Spain. This sun-loving weed has gained massive popularity in the US and all over the world due to its pungent smell and lovable subtle high. The effects may not be as powerful as others, but it can be intense for newbies. Upon the initial toke, one can experience an overall improvement in mood that will soon result in fits of giggles and laughter. It will then intensify and explode in a state of physical relaxation.

This well-balanced strain is well-loved not only by recreational users but within the medical community as well. Any form of physical pain is quickly addressed when users smoke this weed. The immediate relief from pain also helps people from insomnia as they are now able to sleep without the distractions of pain.

Critical + is currently available as feminized seeds and should be cultivated under bright sunny weather that mimics Spain.


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