Concentrate VS Flower High: Which is Better?

concentrate vs flower high

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The legalization of cannabis for medical use has given cannabis consumers and medical experts access to further explore its benefits. With so many medicinal cannabis products can be quite difficult and it can be a tedious process. 

When it comes to choosing medical cannabis, two things emerge to classify them. Concentrate vs flower high, which among the two is much better. Using medical cannabis can be a trial and error process that is why researches and clinical studies are conducted to prove the effectivity of cannabis in treating numerous health conditions. 

As mentioned, there are two forms in which patients can have access to medical cannabis. There are concentrate or flower highs.

Concentrate vs flower high?

In this article, we will show the advantages and disadvantages of concentrate and flower high and its differences.

What is flower high?

Cannabis flowers have been used for quite some time now way back 2727 B.C. during the reign of Shen Nung. Hydroponically grown flower cannabis has been around for several decades as it was discovered by cannabis users who also helped in its categorization.

 It has different characteristics, flavor profiles, intensities, and genetics that help consumers know more about cannabis and how it affects the body. Most cannabis looks and smells the same but it has unique effects in the body. Many cannabis consumers prefer to consume cannabis flowers.

Flowers are rich in natural medicines and nutrients. The nutrients can be found in the trichomes and on the surface of its buds and leaves. Flowers are very rich in terpenes that produce flavor and aroma. Flowers are not processed. You are assured that you will be able to get beneficial cannabinoids as well as terpenes and other plant molecules. 

Advantages of Flower high:

  • It contains beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • It is great for those who need a less intensive type of therapies.
  • It is not costly.
  • It is accessible.
  • It is easy to grow, beneficial for home growers.
  • It has aromatherapy and can have therapeutic effects.
  • It can be ingested and infused with food and beverages.

Disadvantages of Flower high?

  • Limited to a lower dosage.
  • This is not very beneficial to those who are needing a stronger dosage of medicine or more intensive therapies.
  • It requires vaporization or cooking to be able to consume it in the healthiest way possible.
  • It increases the risk of molds and mildews.
  • It requires an ample amount of time to produce.
  • It needs to be processed before it can be ingested or consumed.

What is concentrate?

Cannabis concentrates came from processed cannabis flowers. To have a top quality concentrate, make sure that you have chosen or selected a high-quality cannabis plant. Cannabis concentrates come in many forms. The best know among them is cannabis oil which is taking the cannabis market by storm. 

Cannabis oils that are used for medical purposes are often used in the treatment of serious medical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and cancer.

Cannabis concentrates are condensed extracts of essential oils from a cannabis plant. You need to extract the flower to get the concentrate. 

Advantages of concentrates?

  • It allows for higher dosages.
  • They are more potent medicine and they are great for those who need intensive therapies.
  • No need for expensive tools in extracting them.
  • It can provide fast and strong relief.
  • Pure product to take.
  • It can be easily infused to food and drinks.
  • Other concentrates can be used sublingually.

Disadvantages of concentrates?

  • Possibility of pesticide contamination.
  • There are concentrated products that are beneficial to others.
  • Highly processed. This may mean that there is a risk of losing important plant compounds.
  • It can be costly.
  • It can be difficult to prepare especially at home. 
  • It can contain some residual solvents.

So which one is it for you? Concentrate or Flower high?

In trying to select between the two, here are the important factors that you may need to take into consideration.

  • Potency – Potency wise, concentrates are more potent than cannabis flowers. Concentrate potency can be around 50 to 90 percent. There are cannabis consumers who prefer to consume cannabis with high potency content. Concentrates are also used in pain management among its many medical benefits.
  • Availability of products – In terms of the availability of products, there is a vast array of products to choose from. It offers some methods of administering cannabis. Cannabis flowers will allow you to take cannabis via the traditional smoking method. If you want the modern approach, concentrates will give a variety of choices that will suit your lifestyle. You can infuse cannabis in food or drink, take in on a pill or oil. Concentrated cannabis is now available in tinctures and hashes.
  • Terpenes and flavors – When it comes to terpenes and flavors, the cannabis flower will have a bigger edge. Many cannabis consumers appear to enjoy smoking cannabis flowers because of its flavor and smell. This is normal as most cannabis smokers are not just after the high, they are also after the smell and the flavor of the strain. The high is also raw and it creates a buzz and lets you enjoy other benefits of the strain. In the process of making concentrates, the flavor and the terpene may be affected. This will result in a less flavorful concentrate. Concentrates may have little psychoactive effects but it can produce better pain relief and other medical benefits.

In conclusion, choosing concentrate vs flower high can depend on the consumer’s need. If you want to smoke weed and flavor and terpenes matter for you then flower high is a good choice for you. It will allow you to enjoy cannabis smoking with its full flavor and terpenes as well as let your experience psychoactive effects that can boost your energy. 

On the other hand, if you want a more concentrated product that comes in a variety of forms then concentrates are for you. They come in different forms like inks, tinctures, food, drinks, and edibles. They may not be as flavorful and aromatic as cannabis flowers but they offer high medicinal value. With a wide array of products available, you don’t have to worry because both cannabis flower high and concentrates can bring about health benefits to your body.

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