CO2 Generator For Your Marijuana Plants: Can This Increase Your Yields?

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It is basic knowledge to know that marijuana plants (and every other plant, for that matter) will need CO2 or carbon dioxide in order to grow healthy. It isn’t something that you can forego, either! They will quite literally need ample doses of carbon dioxide for them to thrive and prosper in a cannabis garden. One of the least frequently used tools that you can find in a cannabis garden is a CO2 generator.

It isn’t really something that most people would look to purchase themselves for their marijuana crops. However, they do exist. And better yet, they can be used to increase the yields of your marijuana crops! So, how does a CO2 generator operate and impact your weed plants? Are there different ways to boost the carbon dioxide content in your gardens without the use of a CO2 generator?

What is CO2?

Carbon dioxide, also known as CO2, is a compound composed of two oxygen atoms and one carbon atom. With a density of over 50% higher than the one in our surrounding air, carbon dioxide is one of the common gases in our atmosphere. It is present all around us and has gradually increased in PPM (parts per million) throughout the years. 

How Do Cannabis Plants Use CO2

Carbon dioxide is an essential element for plants. Marijuana plants, in particular, can make great use of carbon dioxide as flowering plants. Because they will eventually sprout yields when harvest time comes, this added boost of carbon dioxide will give the plants more energy to grow an even larger amount of buds! 

Cannabis plants will require an ideal amount of carbon dioxide in order to successfully go through the process of photosynthesis. With carbon dioxide, the absorbed light spectrums from the sun (outdoor growing) or artificial lighting systems (indoor growing) combine in the plant’s system and subsequently convert into energy. More energy output means that more efforts are being put into the growth and development of weed buds. 

Basic Concept

Like all marijuana plants out there, cannabis leaves contain small pores called the stomates which they use to secrete and take in all sorts of minerals and compounds. Through these stomates, carbon dioxide and light are seeped in for the production of oxygen and sugar. This oxygen is released back into the atmosphere (for the benefit of both humans and plants). While the sugar is used to supply the needed amounts of nutrients (mostly energy-related) for further growth and development. 

Using added amounts of carbon dioxide is a pretty basic concept for getting bigger yields. Just like how marijuana growers tend to give plants more light for better growth, a rise in carbon dioxide can also cause the same results. These two elements are what leads to more yields for weed crops. As such, knowing the different factors that affect their spread across your gardens is crucial!  

Benefits of Using a CO2 Generator

Not many people are familiar with using a CO2 Generator for an increase in yields for cannabis plants. Normally, they would rather turn to various training techniques like topping, ScrOG, or Low-Stress Training to increase the lighting exposure to the plants. However, pairing these with a CO2 Generator can give you an even bigger advantage for maintaining your gardens!

Here are the different benefits that you would get when using a CO2 Generator in your cannabis gardens!

  • In its ideal compounds, carbon dioxide will help keep your plants fresh and healthy. Giving them a constant cycle of absorbing carbon dioxide and subsequently releasing oxygen ensures that the air around hem does not remain stagnant. This prevents any sloppy stems and wilted leaves in your gardens.
  • Of course, the main subject of this topic is to discuss that carbon dioxide can lead to bigger yields. The rate in which your marijuana buds develop can possibly double with an increased level of carbon dioxide. It is a form of increasing yields that is more common with advanced growers. 

Additional Benefits of Using CO2 Generator

  • Doing so will also help your cannabis plants absorb nutrients and compounds better. This will ultimately lead to higher quality harvests of better and more resinous buds.
  • The way that your plants absorb light is directly correlated with the amount of carbon dioxide present in the surrounding atmosphere. Without CO2, light alone will not be able to perform photosynthesis.
  • Its presence can also help your marijuana plants handle increasing temperatures better. With this, you can tweak and adjust your gardens better without having to worry about them suffering from constant heat stress

Of course, there are also some other drawbacks to the use of CO2 generators in your cannabis gardens. For one, it isn’t exactly cheap to do so. Purchasing CO2 tanks and CO2 generators may cost you quite a hefty price so make sure that you only do so if you have money to spend!

While lacking amounts of carbon dioxide can deter you plants’ health, so too can the excessive amounts of such. It also isn’t simple to measure the amount of carbon dioxide present! You will need a highly regulated system for doing so, which will also lead to spending a lot of money for it. 

CO2 Tanks: An Alternative Way For Boosting CO2

In the place of a CO2 generator, you can actually make use of a CO2 Tank instead. Using this is a more regulated form of releasing carbon dioxide into the growing space. It can still give you the necessary controls over the PPM (parts per million, which is the measuring unit of CO2) while not relying on the combustion of natural gases and minerals which occurs in a CO2 generator.

The compressed gas inside these tanks are often installed with tubes and transmitters to regulate the amounts that you release onto the area. While it isn’t exactly flammable in and of itself. We strictly recommend that you keep these tanks away from places where there is excessively high temperatures! The pressure built up inside may cause the tanks to explode, which could cause significant harm to both you and the plants.

Giving Carbon Dioxide to Your Plants Using a CO2 Generator 

As we stated above, a CO2 generator works in a way that it combusts the gas and oil placed inside and subsequently converts it into carbon dioxide! The helpful feature of CO2 generators is that it also helps growers see just how much PPM of carbon dioxide is present around them!

Keep in mind that marijuana plants are capable of withstanding as much as 10,000 PPM of carbon dioxide. Us human beings, however, cannot. Any level of CO2 above 2,900 to 3,000 can cause health effects to growers. It makes it difficult to take in air to breathe. Once this level goes any further, it can even cause major health risks. It can even go so far as to prove deadly for humans. It can also prevent the marijuana plants from growing properly if the high levels of carbon dioxide aren’t coupled with the right amount of lighting. 

With that, the provision of CO2 will depend mainly on having the balanced amount without posing any risk to you or your plants. That’s where the CO2 generator comes into play! Normally, the air around us will contain around 400 to 500 PPM of carbon dioxide at any given time. Many growers who have experimented with CO2-based growing techniques state that the yields of cannabis plants are significantly increased when the CO2 levels are maintained at around 1,200 to 1,500 PPM. Providing this, along with a wider broadcast of light in your garden, can cause your yields to double in amount! 

Where do I put my CO2 generator?

Make sure that the CO2 generator is placed somewhere above the gardens. Because the compound is much denser than the air around us, it tends to sink to the bottom. This allows each and every one of your plants get a boost dose of CO2. 

Keeping an adequate ventilation system is also very important for this. It will allow the added CO2 to move around the garden and avoid any stagnant air. Also, growers should never release added carbon dioxide in the gardens unless there are lighting systems operating! 

It is quite a new technique of growing to use CO2 to increase your yields. The idea can be intimidating! However, it is perfectly safe and secure as long as you do it correctly and maintains the proper levels in your crops. 

May this guide serve as a tool to broaden your overall knowledge about cannabis cultivation! Once you start building up enough expertise and skills in increasing yields, you may very well find yourself turning to a CO2 generator to boost the cannabis crop’s performance! Good luck!

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