Cloning Cannabis Seeds – 5 Helpful Tips to Do it

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Cloning cannabis seeds is a common practice these days. It’s a great method to preserve or replicate your most favorite cannabis strain. And there are numbers of advantages which growers can enjoy if they learn and understand how cloning works. One of the best thing about cloning is that the cultivation process becomes a lot easier and more controllable.

Many novice growers are quite intimidated by the term. However, once you do some little study about the topic, you’ll discover that cloning is a pretty simple technique. Learning how to clone takes your cultivation skills and knowledge to a whole new level. This gives you the ability to individualize your garden. Not only will you be able to choose the strains or varieties that you want to grow, but you’ll also be able to preserve your best and most favorite strain.

Another advantage of cloning is that it helps you save a lot of money. There’s no need for you to buy seeds and plants seasons after season. Cloning is no rocket science, however, it takes to research and practice to come up with successful results. This is why it’s very important that you do some reading first and make sure that you do careful research before you proceed.

5 Helpful Tips for Cloning Cannabis

Sanitation Practice is Very Important

Before you start cloning cannabis seeds, you need to learn the art of proper sanitation first. One of the most common problems associated with cloning is that diseases can easily spread. It’s necessary that you gather all the necessary materials you need and make sure that you sterilized everything. From tables, tools, to your equipment, make sure that you sterilized them. And yes, you should also make sure that you sterilize the mother plant.

Sterilizing your cutting is easy and inexpensive. All you need to have is mild soapy water. You’ll also notice that there are growers who use isopropyl alcohol with a concentration of 5 to 8%. Dunk the cuttings upside down and make sure that it’s only the stalk and leaves. Be very careful not to submerge the entire plant.

Pick the Right Mother Plant

This is an obvious tip but unfortunately, some growers clone plants that are not healthy. Be sure that you learn different varieties of cannabis strains. Find a plant that gives you great effects. Not every cannabis strain is the same and some of them vary in flavor, yields, plants, aroma, and even plant quality. Always consider what you want in a cannabis plant.

The right mother plant should be healthy. Carefully check the physical characteristics of the plant and make sure that there are no signs of stress, diseases, bugs, irregular size, discoloration, and curling of leaves. View images online on how a healthy mother plant should look like.

Ask for Help

If this is your first time cloning cannabis seeds, then it’s advisable that you ask for tips and recommendations from the people you know who have been doing it for quite some time already. Learn from the experiences of other marijuana growers and find out what are the best practices that you can learn from them. Experience is the best teacher and if you would like to master the art and science of cloning, then don’t hesitate to do it.

You can also join online communities or forums wherein people gather and share their experiences regarding cloning. Try to ask questions on these communities and check what other people are saying. It’s important that you stay humble and polite when joining a group or community.

Find the Right Cloning Products and Machines

Make sure that you have the right cloning medium and automated cloning system. Be sure as well that you have the best special nutrient solution for your clones. One of the most commonly used growing medium for cloning is coco and peat plugs. Be sure as well that you check out different cloning machines. Find out why some growers prefer cloning machines.

Give Proper Care to Your Clones

Finally, you must learn how to set the right environment and provide proper care to our clones. Be sure that you place your clones in warm and wet conditions. Don’t forget to mist your clones several times a day, especially if you don’t have a humidity dome. The ideal temperature for cannabis clines should be slightly about 22 to 25 degrees Celsius. If you love in a cold area then buying a heating mat is advisable.

Choosing the Right Cloning Technique

Find a technique which is feasible for you to do. Take note that different cloning technique has their benefits and specifics. It’s advisable that you apply to root solution to the clone before transferring it. This significantly increases the chance of its survival. Common cloning techniques involved, water method, potting soil method, and rock wool method.

It’s also necessary that you learn how to properly transplant your clones. Once they start to develop, you need to move them into the actual containers. This should hold your plant, pricing extra room for their growth and development.

Final Thoughts

These are pretty basic tips which you can apply if you want successful results. But of course, there are still many tips and tricks that you can find on the web today regarding cloning. The key to achieving your goal is to read and learn. We are fortunate to be living in a generation where we can conduct research anytime and anywhere. Don’t start cloning if you’re not confident about your knowledge. For this reason, make sure that you fill your head with useful information.

You can also watch online video tutorials wherein experts carefully present how to properly do cloning. And if you have questions, then don’t hesitate to message the guy who made the video. Be sure that you’re enjoying the whole process. It can be quite difficult at first, but once you already have an idea on how to do it, then things become a lot easier.

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