Cloning Cannabis Plants

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Normally, you’ll replicate cannabis plants through cross-pollination or breeding of male and female plants to produce seeds. These seeds are then used for cultivation of your cannabis plants. However, breeding plants from male and female plants are quite tedious. It needs to be carefully studied in order to perfect the mating of the two plants. It needs to get timing in order to get ideally healthy and well-conducive seeds that we will use in cultivation.

If you want an easier route to replication of your plants without requiring a male and female plants, then try employing the asexual reproduction.

What is Asexual Cannabis Reproduction

In simpler definition, asexual reproduction refers to the process of genetically copy the parent plant without undergoing the stage of fertilization. This form of reproduction does not need seed dispersing or pollinators to grow your plant. Asexual reproduction occurs naturally or artificially in plants. Among artificial methods that are employed by various plants for which is applied also in cannabis plants is cloning.

Cloning Cannabis Plants

Cloning is the known asexual method of plant replication. Unlike in a typical reproduction, all you need to do is cut a portion of your plant that could be utilized for cultivation. This portion that is chip upon the parent plant is called a clone.
Nonetheless, this process is quite known with a lot of cannabis growers. Aside from cost-efficient, cloning process is highly sustainable and stable as needed. Also, cloning is very flexible. You are free to copy no matter how many clones you want from the parent plant. Thus, through cloning, you’ll ensure that the good genetics of the parent plant will be replicated in the process.

You can also produce seeds from cloned plants. Generally, these are seeds that are usually come from two cannabis clones that you have cultivated on. Like any other seeds, these are highly stable and reliable seeds for planting.

When you’ve started to grow your cannabis plants you can start them off in a much healthier way by using neem oil to grow plants instead. This is a much healthier alternative to the typical pesticides used. Its also better for the plants and people using it.

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