Cinderella99 x Kali Mist Marijuana Seeds

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More About Cinderella99 x Kali Mist (fem)

The Healing Potion

Crossing two Sativa dominant strains result in a great medical marijuana strain and one of which is Cinderella 99 x Kali Mist. These two enacts a lot of effects on the mind and body of its user. As with any Sativa dominant strains, it reduces the amount of stress and fatigue from its user. After a few puffs, it would then induce a good cerebral high that slowly kneads the muscles in the body and enlightens the mind.

The best way to describe this weed is through its healing properties. Sativa dominant strains are known to have high medical value, and Cinderella 99 x Kali Mist is one of them. This earthy-flavored herb keeps its users motivated in life, thus eliminating any chances of depression to creep in. It is also a great alternative to pain medication due to its high THC content that relieves pain, such as headaches and arthritis.

In growing this specific weed, warm sunny weather should be enough to increase its yield. It is currently available in feminized seeds.

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