Chocolope x Kush Marijuana Seeds

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More About Chocolope x Kush (fem)

A Taste of Perfection

The musky, earthy smell, and taste of chocolate is a staple in the cannabis community. This is also the reason why Chocolope is a fast-selling weed. Add OG Kush into the mix, and you get yourself a fast-acting Sativa dominant strain that easily spreads cheer and joy to all of its users. One of the best things that this strain offers apart from its quirky flavor is its invigorating high. The uplifted spirit comes out after the few initial tokes, and you find yourself feeling creative. With more focus and attention to work, you can finish tasks at minimum time and effort.

The added subtlety of the effects makes it a good morning or afternoon weed to smoke. This awe-inspiring strain helps with depression and reduction of stress. Migraines and arthritis are also relegated to the sideline. Those with enough spaces in their backyard can generate a good amount of yield from this strain now that it is available in feminized seeds. An overall treat to grow and use, Chocolope x Kush, is an irresistible choice.

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