Chocolope x Candy Marijuana Seeds

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More About Chocolope x Candy (fem)

An Unlikely Combination With Amazing Result

Choosing the right strains to crossbreed is a difficult task. The choice between thousands of different breeds of cannabis and breeding them together to form a new strain needs a lot of preparation and planning. This is also the reason why Chocolope x Candy is such a delicate Sativa dominant strain as it manages to get away with such an odd combination. On the surface level, users are treated to a sweet sensation from this strain; however, the effects go deeper than that. The robust genetics of both plants are well presented in this strain.

The effects center around its Sativa roots by implying a buzzy head high that kicks off as soon as the first toke. Negative thoughts are eliminated and replaced by blissful ones. The buzz that it generates slowly compels the body to ease and loosen up. Users will enjoy this weed during the day when you want to relax while beginners will find this weed enjoyable in the evening. Growers are advised to expose this weed under the warm sunlight under a Mediterranean-like climate to produce enough buds for harvest.

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