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One can attest to the popularity of Chocolope during its debut. At that time, this Sativa dominant strain bagged a couple of awards for its unique flavor and aroma as well as its strong head high. With over 22% THC level, users can expect hours and hours of exhilarating rollercoaster experience. What truly makes this an enjoyable weed is its coffee-chocolate aroma and flavor. It tastes and smells like a fresh cup of coffee mixed with chocolate with sprinkles of vanilla. It is hard to resist such a flavorful weed; hence users are compelled to smoke this weed starting in the afternoon.

A pleasant barrage of effects is lined up upon the initial toke. Soon, a wave of euphoria takes place, and users are feeling uplifted. Throughout the entire session, one stay clear-headed for hours and have their creative juices squeezed from their mind. As the effects start to dwindle, one can feel its relaxing effects taking charge.

The Mediterranean climate should act as a blanket of safety for this hybrid strain since it protects the plant from moisture and cold but still bask under the warm sunlight.

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