Cherry Pie Marijuana Seeds

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Smoking weed is such a pleasurable experience that enhances your senses. Users would want to have the best possible experience when they smoke weed; hence they want to add a bit more flavor to the taste. This is where Cherry Pie excels. This lovely sweet tasting Indica dominant strain is known to have the best flavor in the market. Imagine toking a freshly baked cherry pie, and you end up having to taste it as you get high. The pleasures of smoking this weed do not stop there. It gifts its users with an uplifting high and promotes general well-being as you go along.

The high THC content also makes this an effective medical marijuana, especially for those who are in serious need of pain relief. Menstrual cramps, muscle cramps, headaches, arthritis, and many other pain-related conditions are alleviated with this weed. Growing this weed in organic soil will help develop the earthy fruity taste of this strain. Under the warm sunlight, this plant would produce around 550 grams of yield.

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