Chemdog Feminized Seeds

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Chemdog (commonly spelled Chemdawg) is known for being a very potent strain that people love. Many report the medicinal benefits of this strain along with the fun recreational benefits of creativity and happiness. Chemdog seed genetics are somewhat mysterious due to its diversity. This strain has been known to make other popular strains like OG Kush.

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  • Type: Indoor / Outdoor
  • Growing: Moderate
  • Flowering Time: 7 to 9 Weeks
  • Indica / Sativa: 55% / 45%
  • Effect: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric
  • THC: Medium – High


Origin of Chemdog Strain

This feminized version of the international favorite Chemdog produces big buds with potent THC levels. Known among experienced cannabis growers and enthusiasts to be one of the strongest strains ever bred, Chemdog is very potent and parent to some equally recognized strains such as OG Kush and Sour Diesel which speak to the genetics of this strain.

Growing Chemdog Seeds

Chemdog seeds from Sunwest Genetics have been feminized to make sure you get female plants. In 7-9 weeks you’ll get flowers that have a pungent, diesel like smell. This particular strain prefers mild, dry temperatures and can be grown both indoors/outdoors.

Effects of Chemdog Strain

Expect to experience a heavy-bodied feeling with a mainly cerebral high after smoking Chemdog . Ultimately, you get to relax and savor the happy effect of this strain. If you have not smoked it before, its strong, diesel-like smell should be enough to warn you of its very potent buds.

It is an indica dominant cannabis strain that is heavy-yielding yet medium-sized cannabis. You can expect it to produce big resinous buds in a short period of time.

19 reviews for Chemdog Feminized Seeds

  1. John Stone

    Just finished my first harvest of Chemdog. Grew it in SCROG to make sure I got the best yield and no mold. I used top dressed soils and organic nutes to make sure I didn’t burn it. Total Chemdog.. no pun…lol.. Just what I figured total cerebral high…gotta go in a creative mood think I may try some Bubblegum Auto next for relaxing after…. thx SWG be back soon dog !!

  2. mike

    Excellent all around buzz. Keeps me up but not over the top. So cool I can order it in Canada now. Grows great in my Hydroponic box

  3. Colm

    Great taste, awesome high and easy to grow. And have had 100 per cent clone success. I could not be more pleased. Don’t miss out on this gem!!!

  4. Dumini

    I would like to say, I am really impressed. The smoke is silky, mellow, but dank. I feel very creative and clear right now. I love this.

  5. fruitloops

    I looked for this strain for a long time wasn’t sure how it would be but OMG it turned out awesome! I will try and post some pictures. Maybe going to try an auto flower next.

  6. CD

    I have grown Chemdawg Feminized a few times. With few side branches good for commercial as its heavy and tight buds. I give this a rate 4 and half out of 5. will continue to use Chemdawg.

  7. WF

    Every chemdawg seed grew for us unlike the purple kush. Not a single kush seed grew. they sprouted and that was that. Thank god the chemdawg did otherwise we’d be out completely.


    I love this strain, easy to grow with some very potent buds

  9. NomNomm

    fresh bud gives the 91’OG pheno smell of puppy breath
    finishes to be a decent sharp diesel earthy smell.
    i had no issues with herm’
    they had some problems taking in nutes at first but quickly snapped into grow mode.
    good for beginners.

  10. Rich

    Great plant to learn with. With only one of the 3 seeds I got I produced almost 50 clones, ran it indoors over the winter (10 oz), ran 4 over this summer(TBD). Also learned how to create female pollen with this strain. The smoke is tasty, the plant is strong and forgiving. Its one you cant miss.

  11. Javier Smith

    I’m ultimately get relaxed and savor has a happy effect of this strain. I would love to grow it on my own. Pretty much sure will order Chemdog Feminized Seeds from SunWest Genetics.

  12. Clyde M. Howe

    Awesome and great strain it is, I love this strain so much!

  13. Ray Stevens

    I always heard about this strain but I never tried until I decided to give it a try. This plant gives a nice bud development and above average yield. It has a good fuel taste and nice strong punch. I haven’t smoked half the blunt and I’m already high! It’s a good balance between Indica and Sativa. Great strain! I would love to grow this again!

  14. Joel Tucker

    I really pushed myself to grow this because I want to experience what this strain can give. Lots of trichomes. It has sour/fuel aroma and taste. For me it’s a great strain for daytime. Kept me energized and then a sense of calm.

  15. Edwin Porter

    Despite a nasty insect problem and very little nutrients, the plant turned out beautiful. Overall I’m happy with end results. It got me really creative and hyped. It gives lots of energies. It is perfect strain for road trips!

  16. Eddie Hunter

    This plant is not for novice growers like me but I did my best to make her the flowering time and harvest time with the help of my friends. It turned out to be a very beautiful plant! I love to roll a joint of this while unwinding at home. It’s perfect for stress and anxiety relief. Thanks guys!

  17. Ricky Hicks

    This plant reacted well to the training and temp and nutes that I gave to her. Strong head stone, happy and somewhat motivational. It’s a classic daytime strain. I absolutely love this strain. Loyal customer here!

  18. Raymond L.

    Pretty good strain, was very easy to grow but it was growing really quickly. The buds grew massive towards the end they were very dense and many trichomes. Smoke was really smooth and grinds really nicely. It’s quite nice and no complaints something super special.

  19. Mel Hannah

    Excellent Seeds! Really worth growing these superior strains! Very happy with the yield! This Chemdog is actually strong! Love the high I’m getting! That’s for sure! Solid buds and smells great! 2 thumbs up for this! Will surely come back for more!

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