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More About Cheese (fem)

Best Tasting Weed With a Pungent Smell

If there is one marijuana strain that is so unique that it is widely known as one of the most pungent smelling plants of all time – it’s Cheese. Cheese is an Indica dominant plant that smells just like its name. The cheesy, creamy flavor and aroma of this weed are literally what made it so famous across the planet. Seasoned users of this hybrid would immediately say this weed is an acquired taste due to its overbearing smell of old wet socks. However, what drives users toward this cannabis is its creamy flavor that slowly melts in your mouth.

The cerebral high you get from this weed is also a powerful one. With around 18% THC content, this Indica leaning plant packs a one-two punch that leaves you breathless and relaxed at the same time. Stress and fatigue are out the door when you start toking this smelly strain. Perfect for an afternoon or early evening smoke, this hybrid will release all the tension from the body.

In growing this weed, it is best to keep it indoors due to its odor. Guerilla tactics will not hide this strain’s smell as it can be very overbearing at times.

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