Cheese AutoFlowering Seeds

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Cheese cannabis seeds produce a plant that is named for its sharply sour aroma and is an indica dominant hybrid originating back to the late 1980’s in the UK. It achieved it’s worldwide status for it’s unique flavor, consistent potency and genetics. The cheese plant offers a sublime and distinct taste that has flavors of classic strains and nostalgia. Cheese is well known for its relaxed, happy effects that gently ease into a blissful state of mind.

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3 Seeds $45.00
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  • Type: Indoor / Outdoor
  • Growing: Easy
  • Flowering Time: 8 to 9 Weeks
  • Indica / Sativa: 75% / 25%
  • Effect: Relaxed, Happy, Hungry
  • THC: High

Origin of Cheese Strain

Named such because of its sour aroma and taste it originated in the U.K and improved by reputable breeders. This strain finally comes in an autoflowering variant. We’ve introduced ruderalis genetics so when its time to flower… this cheese cannabis plant does it automatically.

Growing Cheese Cannabis Seeds

Cheese autoflower is relatively easy to grow indoors and outdoors, boasts a high THC content and consistent potency. It will reward you with high yields if you grow them well. Even those who are growing this strain in harsh outdoor climates or for the first time can still get high yields.

Effects of Cheese Strain

It is an indica dominant strain that completes flowering in 8 to 9 weeks and leaves you giggly and happy, relaxed, and with an insatiable case of the munchies.

It has made a name for itself worldwide with its unique flavor, which leaves an equally distinct aftertaste. Try the Cheese Auto Fem if you want giant buds that will transition you smoothly into a euphoric state.

23 reviews for Cheese AutoFlowering Seeds

  1. Sandy

    Love the Cheese. It is so easy to grow. I just use good soil and put her out on my balcony. The indica/sativa cross gives me the buzz I need day or evening. Love being able to grow on my balcony. Next year its Purple Kush Auto… who’d of thought.

  2. Nike

    I germinated a couple of seeds June for a outdoor grow. One is 15″ other is 12″ both are bushy. Best for stress and muscular pain. Its Smells when flowering is extremely, I ll not suggest matter of odour control and stealth.

  3. Lima

    Best for Medical use, It has high THC and CBD contents. suggest for Pain. it works for me . thank you SWG.

  4. John Skilling

    Very fast and stealthy shipment. Thank you Sun West. Got 100% germination and the plants are looking incredible 5 weeks in. Will def be ordering more soon.

  5. Bonnie

    Cheese Auto Fem Incredible for chronic pain. Great head Buzz, very tough. Good body high and mild energetic. This one is great for watching movies or listening music. Cheese is highly suggested for anxiety and pain relief.

  6. steve

    Smoked a full bowl of Cheese Auto Fem and was lifted. This is the strong med and is so smelly. Beautiful smells, Mostly indica. Took one more bowl before bed. Love this strain for anxiety stress relief. Next morning woke up so happy and early too.

  7. Chem

    Cheese Auto Feminized is one of the easy strains to grow. You can order cheese auto feminized marijuana seeds from Sun West Genetics with very secure shipping. I got indoor yield about 110 grams per plant. I have ordered some more seeds for outdoor this time. waiting to receive it. will update.

  8. Nice Cheese

    i would suggest the cheese auto flowering plant for first timers.
    perfect plant. easy to grow. lots of lovely night ahead. good yield potential
    thanks Sun!

  9. TIK TIK

    All 3 seeds Germinated with in 72hrs. Started to flower at 27 days under a 18/6 light schedule. The first plant harvest @ days 85 and the last 2 @ days 92. Not quick as it says. but still fine. love its flavor and very happy with Sun west Cheese. They are very helpful for each customer, live chat, phone ,
    Really love with SWG.,…

  10. Buttholesurfer

    All seeds germinated , 2 very indica phenos and one more sativa pheno, go very easy on the nutes doesn’t take much . day 70 and they are swelling nicely , still clear triches so maybe 2 more weeks for harvest at day 85-90 from germination. Getting frosty and looks and smells very good. Smells like granny panties so make sure You have good odor control . would buy again .

  11. Paul Butler

    Loved this Cheese AutoFlowering Seeds much, because after using it I feel more relaxed and happy feeling that gently ease into a blissful state of mind. But not only that I try to grow this strain before and it’s easy to grow and at the same time, I am having fun!

  12. Dami

    I bought 7 seeds and all germinated. Easy strain to grow “You must LST plant”. My girls were very busy and the trichomes are in abundance.

  13. Jack Villa

    I ordered 5 seeds from SWG and luckily all of them are germinated and I’m so happy. Can’t wait to see them growing.

  14. DanielAllen

    Such a great plant. I grown this seeds for several time and I don’t have any problem with this strain.

  15. Sidney B. Dodds

    What are you waiting for? buy your Cheese Auto Flowering Seeds now! You will never regret to have this great strain I swear.

  16. Alfred Murray

    This is the cut I’ve kept and have since been cloning and growing. It produces beautiful, bushy plants with heavy, dense, nugs. It’s a big plant that gives a big yield. This strain is suitable for anyone. Relaxed and chill high. Two Thumbs Up Sun West Genetics!

  17. Bradley Webb

    It has a very strong berry smell and is sweet. The buds are dense, big and super tasty! I wish I had bigger tighter buds, but I keep telling myself I can’t be perfect on my first try! I am extremely happy with the results. I’m beyond pleased! Thank you Sun West Genetics!

  18. Herbert Simpson

    Very easy plant to grow and has dense nugs. I definitely recommend a scrog to maximize your potential. She’s good in either soil or coco. She’s also very easy to clone. I would recommend this strain to any grower indoor or outdoor, hydro or soil. One of the best strains and breeders in my opinion is Sun West Genetics!

  19. Pinabel Bourassa

    Cheese Autoflowering, I went of with a decent beginning. It was a easy plant to grow, didn’t give much troubles. She was incredible! I took in a great deal and If I had put more effort, she would have had the option to sparkle much more. I’m growing 5 more now. I want too see if I can grow them better and maybe get a better yield.

  20. Kyle Freeman

    I think my first grow went well. She’s very nice and easy to grow. The buds are tons of trichomes. It’s the best and nicest tasting I’ve ever smoked! It’s a killer smoke with a great head high that leaves you feeling baked but not too sluggish. Well it’s really been a good run with this girl.

  21. Francis Wells

    Being a first time grower I really don’t have any true opinions on any of it! I think I did pretty well. I got a really nice and productive strain. It hits like a very well balanced hybrid perfect split of sativa and indica! I will be back and try your other varieties of strain!

  22. Luke Adams

    Can’t wait for a fresh batch out of these seed! I received the seeds after about a week, excellent packaging! currently my 4th day in germination. Cheese seeds sprouted with no problems at all. Great job!

  23. Amy J. Larson

    Hassle-free transaction, plus the seeds sprouted after 2 days. Its effect is very relaxing and helps me with my tiring day!

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