Cement Shoes Marijuana Seeds

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More About Cement Shoes (fem)

Best Couch-Lock Experience

Cement Shoes is an aptly named Indica dominant strain that does what it is intended to do. This odd-smelling plant delivers a decent high with its 21% THC level while maintaining a long line of effects. However, this strain truly shines when the body buzz starts to creep in. Users are bound to the ground and feel like having cement shoes once the physical buzz has taken over. This sedative experience is unlike any other strain, thus making it one of the unique hybrids in the market.

This ideal night time weed is great for highly stressed and tensed individuals that need to calm down. Apart from its relaxing properties, the positive effects of this weed cater to sufferers of constant mood swings and depressive thoughts. The effective pain-relieving properties of this strain also enact a good feeling of comfort for those who have suffered from chronic pain.

This earthy smelling sweet-tasting strain can be grown indoors or outdoors with less supervision. With its feminized seeds available for purchase, cultivating this weed is easier than ever.

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