After Germinating Cannabis Seeds

germinating cannabis seeds

When your cannabis seeds have germinated, the next thing you will do is to take care your seedlings. Your marijuana plants are now starting their life cycle and they need a care from you because they are at a vulnerable stage.

First step after germination:

Provide your seedlings enough amount of sunlight after germination. Light plays an important role in growing cannabis and since its life is starting to grow, give them enough but not too much sunlight to let them progress.

Second step after germination:

Plan the process of transplanting
Soil or hydro? These are the questions you need to answer. You may transplant your seedling in soil if you will choose the soil as your growing medium. On the other hand, if you wanted to grow weeds hydroponically, start to prepare the setup for your hydroponics growing.

Third step after germination:

Choose the right growing container
Choosing a suitable container for your seedling is vital because it’s not good if you will transplant your cannabis plants many times. This will cause shock to your plants which may lead to a variety of issues like hermaphroditing or death of the plant . There are different containers available in garden stores and each has its own features that will give benefit to your plants.

Fourth step: Avoid application of fertilizer

Your seedlings will not need fertilizer yet, in fact, putting fertilizer to the soil will cause them to become sick. When you transplant your cannabis plants, choose a good soil which is naturally rich in nutrients and minerals.

Germination Method to Sprout Cannabis Seeds

germinating cannabis seeds

So now that you have chosen the right cannabis seed strain that you want to grow, it is now time to start planting. But before you decide to cover your seeds in soil or with any other growing medium that you desire, you need to know how to germinate them first.

Germination is done in order to begin growing and sprouting the roots so that you will start strong. Germination is triggered in cannabis seeds when they are exposed to moisture. So in order to do the germination properly, you would need to expose them to a warm and moist place. But note that too much water exposure can drown them or cause molds to grow on the surface.

So experts say that the best way to germinate your seeds is to do it in a two step process. The first step is to pre-soak them in a glass of water. Soaking your cannabis seeds in a glass of water before germination has two purposes. One is that you are prepping them so that they get enough moisture before germinating and the second one is to test the viability of all of your seeds. the water you use should be purified. Add in your seeds and let it sit for around 24 hours in a warm and dark place. The seeds that sink to the bottom are the good ones while the ones that float are likely not to germinate.

The second step is to use the paper towel method to enable germination. Dampen the paper towel with purified water just enough so that it is not dripping. Place the good seeds in the middle of the paper towel then fold them inside. Then store the damp paper towel with seeds inside a resealable bag and store in a warm and dark place. Check daily to see if the tap root has come out yet.

What Makes Marijuana Seeds Bad

marijuana seeds

The best way to get the best quality weed is to start with good quality seeds. Therefore you need the best seeds you can get in order to grow fine weed. It all starts with good genetics. And on that note, it is very important for you as a marijuana grower to know whether the seeds you have are good of bad. You might be wondering if marijuana seeds can really go bad, and the answer is yes. So what are the factors that make marijuana seeds go bad? Also how should you know if the seeds that you have are bad? Let’s find out below.

Improper storage

When you store your seeds improperly then they would definitely go bad. Exposure to too much moisture and too much heat or too much cold can cause severe consequences on your precious marijuana seeds. The same also goes to too much light exposure. That is why it is imperative for you to follow the exact instructions on how to store marijuana seeds properly. The most popular practice is to store your seeds in an airtight container and store in a cool and dry place. And these instructions are popular for a reason so you need to stick to them.

Too much moisture on your seeds can cause microorganisms to grow such as molds, fungi and even bugs and other pests. These organisms just love the water and use your seeds as food. So you have to take care to expose your seeds to the least amount of moisture as possible. Also, too much light, especially UV rays can cause your seeds to go bad. Too much exposure to light causes degradation on your marijuana seeds and will deactivate their growing capacity which will stunt their growth, or worse, kill them in the process. Extreme temperatures could do this to your seeds as well.

How to know if seeds are bad

Therefore it is very important to know if your seeds have already gone bad or not. The first thing you have to observe is the seeds’ color. A sign of a good marijuana seed is its dark and rich color. Therefore if the seeds look pale and lighter than they should be, it is a sign that they’ve started going bad. A waxy and shiny coating is also a good sign that your seeds are still in good shape. If the seeds are dull and rough, they have most certainly gone bad already.

As for the shell, it should be hard and strong and not soft and sometimes soggy. There should also be no cracks present on the outer shell of your marijuana seeds. It you’ve observed any or several of these signs from your marijuana seeds, the only way you could really determine if they indeed have gone bad is to go ahead and plant them. You will eventually know from the results if the seeds are still functioning properly or not. So if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms on your seeds right now, the best way to ease your worries if to plant them in your chosen growing medium as soon as possible so as to avoid any further damage to your precious little marijuana seeds.