Using Bondage Technique to Maximize Cannabis Yields

bondage cannabis

Getting larger, better yields is the dream of every cannabis grower. They look for strains that grow large, dense buds and techniques that can maximize their yields. There are proven ways to increase yields like providing proper plant nutrition, using good soil, and using plant training techniques. One of the most efficient techniques that require only some string is the … Read more

Cannabis as Brain Cells Killer: What Experts Have to Say

cannabis use effects

Despite the legalization that has been celebrated by many cannabis enthusiasts, marijuana is a drug that is still hotly debated by people all over the world. For a very long time, the use of recreational cannabis is seen as taboo, as it was illegal all throughout the world. But in recent years, there have been undeniable changes in how people … Read more

High-Quality Cannabis Seeds: Are they Expensive?

high-quality cannabis seeds

Anyone who is into purchasing cannabis seeds knows that they can be quite costly. Although the demand for these seeds is continuously increasing, the price remains expensive. There are factors as to why cannabis seeds are expensive. In this article, we will discuss more the factors that affect the price of cannabis seeds. Numbers of cannabis stores or dispensaries are … Read more

Cloning Cannabis Seeds – 5 Helpful Tips to Do it

cloning cannabis seeds

Cloning cannabis seeds is a common practice these days. It’s a great method to preserve or replicate your most favorite cannabis strain. And there are numbers of advantages which growers can enjoy if they learn and understand how cloning works. One of the best thing about cloning is that the cultivation process becomes a lot easier and more controllable. Many … Read more