Choosing Feminized Seeds as a Mother Plant – Know More About it

The main objective for every cannabis grower is making sure that the cannabis plant produces a high-quality yield that will become financially beneficial in the future. Every cannabis grower knows that investing in good cannabis seeds is the start of good cultivation practice, some growers in certain states like California will even look for the best marijuana seeds that have … Read more

Buying Feminized Seeds VS Making Your Own – Know the Seeds Quality Differences

We cannot deny that the Marijuana Industry is growing bigger and bigger every year. More and more people have switched to Cannabis, in search of a more effective and efficient way to treat their illnesses. Good thing, these herbs’ ability to heal our health problems are all backed by legitimate medical researches. As the discoveries unfold, the surge of Marijuana … Read more

Dutch Treat as Medical Strain – All You Need to Know

Dutch Treat strain has become very popular these days. Aside from being consumed by vast numbers of recreational users, it’s also consumed by medical patients. This strain offers many great medicinal properties, which is why many growers all over the world are cultivating Dutch Treat feminized seeds. And if you’re looking for more information about this remarkable strain, then this … Read more

Should I Buy Feminized Seeds or Make my Own?

The demand for feminized seeds has significantly increased over these past few years. Multitudes of marijuana growers all over the world are taking advantage of the numerous benefits that feminized seeds provide. For this reason, many fresh new growers are doing their research about these types of marijuana seeds. ne of the most difficult parts in growing regular cannabis seeds … Read more