Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds vs. Regular Seeds

feminized autoflower regular cannabis

Out of all 3 types of cannabis seeds (feminized, auto flowering and regular cannabis) the easiest to grow is the autoflowering variety. However, feminized and regular cannabis have also unique features and characteristics that many growers still love to cultivate it. To clearly understand what make these types of strains unique, take time to read to the difference between the … Read more

What are Feminized Marijuana Seeds

feminized marijuana seeds

Planting a marijuana is not a simple task. As a matter of fact, even the expert or professional cannabis growers still finds marijuana hard to grow because of some instances such as unexpected stress and diseases that may possibly encounter during the growing period of your marijuana plant. Feminized marijuana seeds make this process much easier. But since there are … Read more

What to do with Hermaphrodite Cannabis Plants

hermaphrodite cannabis plants

Hermaphrodite cannabis plants may cause some destruction in your cannabis growing. Every grower must have an idea as to what to do if there is a presence of hermies in their growing area. So what should you do in this instance? When your marijuana plants are starting to reveal their genders and you see signs of hermaphroditism, remove them immediately … Read more

Should I Pollinate My Female Marijuana Plants?

pollinate female cannabis plants

To pollinate, or not to pollinate. That is the question, isn’t it? Well, it could be the question for marijuana growers who are torn between breeding marijuana plants or harvesting smokable weed. But before we get to the actual answer to that burning question, let us first explore the anatomy of the marijuana flower. And then we will get into … Read more