Black Jack Feminized Seeds – The Most Powerful and Productive Strains Created

black jack feminized seeds

Fast flowering, huge buds, and high THC, what more could you ask for when you grow Black Jack feminized seeds? Black Jack is a powerful hybrid strain that will knock you down because of its very high THC levels. It’s woody, pine and sweet flavor will linger in your mouth long after you’re done smoking too. If you want a … Read more

The 5 Flowering Stage Goofs that Will Harm Your Feminized Cannabis Plants

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Making sure that cannabis cultivation produces high and good quality yield is the main objective of any cannabis grower. The life cycle of the cannabis plant undergoes different stages namely, the vegetative stage, the flowering and the harvest stage. Using feminized cannabis seeds from the USA can really help the cultivation game of most growers. Feminized seeds have been known … Read more

10 Signs that you are Overdosing Your Feminized Plants

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Cannabis cultivators know the importance of getting the right amount of nutrients. Each stage of the cultivation process needs certain adjustments for the nutrition intake. Regardless of the seed type, be it a regular seed from a seed bank, autoflower seeds from Canada or feminized seeds from Colorado, they all need the right amount of nutrients to flourish and produce … Read more

The Quality Differences of Grown Feminized Seeds in Canada VS the USA  

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Canada and the USA are both countries that grow high-quality feminized cannabis plants because of the high technology that they are using in cannabis cultivation and that their environmental conditions such as the quality of the air, soil, and water are optimum for feminized cannabis growing. Growing Feminized Seeds in the USA The month of October is the best time … Read more