How do You Grow CBD Seeds?

grow cbd seeds

Many people are planning to grow CBD seeds this season. Most of the information found on the web about growing hemp is often geared towards the growth of the hemp fiber. But, here we will look into growing hemp especially for the production of CBD which is like the traditional way of growing cannabis. The following is some fundamental information … Read more

Making Cannabis Glycerin Tincture in 24 hours?

marijuana glycerin tincture

Apart from smoking cannabis, there is an newer emerging method for consuming cannabis buds. This substance has been gaining a lot of attention from several cannabis enthusiasts because of its flexibility. You can infuse this substance into drinks or foods. On top of this, this sweet formula is easily made from cheap and accessible materials. Introducing the cannabis glycerin tincture! … Read more

Top 5 CBD Uses

cbd oil and marijuana

What is CBD? People have different feelings toward marijuana, depending on one’s exposure to the drug. When weed or marijuana is mentioned, most people instantly think about getting “high”, while growers and users focus on the most popular cannabinoid in pot, THC. The THC cannabinoid is the component that is responsible for getting people “high” and provides a lot of … Read more

CBD Treats to Help Calm Barking and Anxious Dogs

cbd dog treats

Dogs, like humans, also experience stressful situations, so it is important to address the signs and symptoms right away to avoid aggressive behavior. In this article, find out more about the facts, benefits, and tips of CBD oil and CBD treats to help ease the tension and anxiety experienced by dogs. Cannabidiol is an active compound of cannabis and hemp. … Read more