Making Cannabis Glycerin Tincture in 24 hours?

marijuana glycerin tincture

Apart from smoking cannabis, there is an newer emerging method for consuming cannabis buds. This substance has been gaining a lot of attention from several cannabis enthusiasts because of its flexibility. You can infuse this substance into drinks or foods. On top of this, this sweet formula is easily made from cheap and accessible materials. Introducing…cannabis glycerin tincture!

This article will discuss the basics of making cannabis glycerin tincture without waiting weeks or months. Within a day, you could produce and use cannabis glycerin tincture without any delays. If you are interested in this, then continue reading this article.

What are Glycerin Tinctures?

Usually derived from palm or vegetable oils, these glycerin tinctures are made from an extraction process called hydrolysis. During hydrolysis, the bonds of the oil are under the changes of pressure, temperature, and water. An increase in glycerin purity is obtained by the addition of a distillation and water absorption process.

The process of extracting glycerin tinctures lasts for many days to many months. Aside from palm oil and other vegetable oils, these tinctures can be made from other various sources like corn, wheat, and even cannabis plants.

Benefits of Glycerin Tincture

Most glycerin tinctures exhibit a sweet taste. They are used in various applications including lotions, shampoos, and moisturizers. These products act as a moisturizer, keeping the skin hydrated, and rejuvenated.

Aside from that, the extract of this glycerin tincture can be used as a substitute for alcohol and is used as an additive to herbal extracts.

But nonetheless, it is important that before taking any drug, you get a prescription from a medical doctor to avoid complications or allergic reactions.

What is a Cannabis Tincture?

Commonly known as Green or Golden Dragon, these substances are mainly obtained by mixing cannabis extracts, glycerin tinctures, and often alcohol. This tincture is an alternative to smoking and could be used either by recreational or medical cannabis users.

Advantages of Using Cannabis Glycerin Tincture

Although its not as well known, cannabis glycerin tinctures offer considerable benefits compared to other cannabis consumption techniques like smoking and vaping. They are usually sold as CBD rich, though there are rare cases where THC based tinctures are being purchased. Here are some advantages of using cannabis glycerine tincture.

  • Easy Dosing

Unlike smoking cannabis, you can precisely dose cannabis tinctures as needed. Consequently, a drop of cannabis tinctures is equivalent to 1 mL of cannabinoids. These tinctures are often prescribed by doctors for medical cannabis patients because the dosage is easily done. Similar to smoking, one can also experience euphoria upon consuming large amounts of this substance. That is why it is important to evaluate your cannabis tolerance before subjecting yourself to large amounts of this substance.

  • Variety of Tastes

There are many flavors that you can choose from upon purchasing these tinctures. Flavors such as peppermint, cinnamon, and many more are available for purchase.

  • Easy Infusion into Drinks and Foods

You can easily add these tinctures into a variety of foods like cookies, brownies, ice cream and salad dressings. Also, you can put these tinctures into your drinks such as coffee, juice, beverages, and teas. All you have to do is pour these tinctures, mix it, and then serve. To help you with this, there are convenient marijuana-infusion recipes that you can follow.

How to Make Cannabis Tinctures?

Depending on what type of tincture you want, making these tinctures usually take days and even weeks. Nevertheless, there is a method that you can folllow if you want it made in just 24 hours. That is what we are going to learn with this article.

Ingredients to be used:

-A Bottle of Vegetable Glycerine (450 mL)

– 20 grams of dry marijuana buds

– a mason jar that holds both glycerin and marijuana

– Cheese Cloth

-A pot


STEP 1. Grinding your buds

Using a grinder or a blender, granulate your cannabis buds into very small pieces. It isn’t really necessary to make it fine. As long as most of the buds tear into very small pieces, then it’s totally okay.

STEP 2. Mixing the Glycerin and Buds

After grinding the plant matter, you need to transfer it into a mason jar. The vegetable glycerin should be put into the jar as well. Then close the jar tightly and mix.

STEP 3. Apply Heat to the Mixture

Half fill the pot with water. Then slowly turn on and heat the pot until it comes to a boil. It should just be warm enough for THC and CBD to become active. After that, simply simmer the mason jar with the mixture in it and boil it for about 8 hours. Though, it is often recommended by a lot of users to heat it for 12 hours to maximize its performance.

STEP 4. Filtering the Tincture

Remove the lid from the jar and put about two to three layers of cheesecloth on the opening of the jar. Make sure that you’ve covered the jar with the cheesecloth. Use a rubber band or a string to tightly knot it. After that, flip the jar upside down and allow the glycerin to be drained into the bowl.

STEP 5. Squeeze the Remaining Plant Matter

When there is no plant matter left, then carefully remove the cheesecloth and squeeze it all over the bowl to soak the remaining plant matter into it.

Storage of Cannabis Glycerine Tincture

The cannabis glycerin tincture is usually stored in a small glass container with a dropper in it. These containers could be recycled from formerly used medicines with droppers in them. These bottles can be utilized for more than a year or two. For longevity, you could refrigerate these tinctures. Also, it is important to keep these tinctures away from children and pets.

Top 5 CBD Uses

cbd oil and marijuana

What is CBD?

People have different feelings toward marijuana, depending on one’s exposure to the drug. When weed or marijuana is mentioned, most people instantly think about getting “high”, while growers and users focus on the most popular cannabinoid in pot, THC. The THC cannabinoid is the component that is responsible for getting people “high” and provides a lot of positive medicinal benefits. But one component that is slowly gaining traction is the CBD cannabinoid.

The Cannabidiol component, or CBD, is already approaching the popularity status of THC, considering all the positive medicinal benefits it provides without any side effects. The side effect we’re referring to in this case is the psychoactive effect of THC, or basically, the side effect of getting “high”.

CBD is an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-psychotic medicine, and it is also good for treating nausea. However, CBD doesn’t make patients “high”, which is a big plus for a lot of doctors and people. Not everyone enjoys the feeling of being “high”, so getting all the benefits that marijuana provides without the psychoactive effect is making CBD a popular cannabinoid.

Still, not everyone is convinced about the benefits of CBD or what it does. That is why in this article we will be discussing the five reasons everyone should be using this cannabinoid.

#1 – CBD can Help Prevent Cancer

As mentioned above, CBD provides a lot of medicinal benefits to people who use them. One of the benefits is that it can inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

A lot of research has been done to see how effective marijuana is when it comes to dealing with cancer, and one of the cannabinoids that have been experimented on is CBD.  A lot of the results are positive, and one of the principal points researchers say is that the CBD cannabinoid has specific proactive effects that can prevent the development of some types of tumors.

Some researchers show that CBD also has properties that can kill tumor cells, thus inhibiting the growth of cancer and preventing it from spreading. This is also the reason why some are even using the CBD cannabinoid to help reduce the size of individual tumors.

The beauty of this is that CBD is doing all of this without providing any adverse side effects that usually accompany cancer treatment. More studies are being conducted to ensure a more accurate result, but the initial findings are already a cause for celebration and excitement.

#2 – CBD Relieves Anxiety and Hangovers

Unlike some of the cannabinoids in marijuana, CBD can help relieve anxiety in people. It has properties that can counter THC’s anxiety-inducing properties and reduces its effects. It is an excellent addition to the household, especially if there are people who frequently get anxiety attacks.

The cannabinoid is also an excellent medicine for people who want to get rid of hangovers. This is because research shows that CBD not only reduces anxiety, but it can also relieve nausea and soothe headaches. This makes the cannabinoid an ideal treatment for hangovers.

#3 – CBD can be Used Without Smoking

Smoking is probably the most common and widespread way for people to consume marijuana. However, with CBD there’s no need for that. CBD is edible, can be used as a tincture, as hemp oils, topical, in vaporizer cartridges, and so on.

This makes the cannabinoid excellent for people who are not smokers or are not used to smoking.

#4 – CBD can Act as a Painkiller Without the Side Effects

The CBD cannabinoid has also been proven to be a powerful anti-inflammatory. It can work as some of the other painkillers available in the market, or even better. Plus, CBD relieves pain and discomfort without providing any side effects.

So for people who are looking for an alternative medicine that is effective against inflammation, they can try searching for drugs or oils that contain CBD.

#5 – CBD Doesn’t Get People High But can Work Well with THC for Treatment

Lastly, as mentioned above, CBD doesn’t have the psychoactive effect that the THC cannabinoid provides. This alone actually puts the cannabinoid in a lot of people’s radar.

A lot of people are already considering trying marijuana to treat specific illnesses or health issues they are experiencing. But the possible side effect of being “high” is making a lot of people hesitant. However, with CBD not having the psychoactive effect of THC, people won’t have to worry about using marijuana anymore.

Even if CBD doesn’t have the psychoactive effect, it can still work well with THC, especially for specific treatments. The cannabinoid has shown that it can work well with THC by increasing the effectiveness of marijuana for treatment. So for people who are using the cannabinoid THC for their treatment, they can still get the CBD cannabinoid, as this can help increase the effectiveness of THC.


The cannabinoid CBD is an excellent component of marijuana that people should be trying out. The reasons mentioned above are just five of the many positive benefits that the cannabinoid provides. But if there is one good thing about CBD that people should always remember it is that it is an excellent form of medical Marijuana without any side effects.

CBD Treats to Help Calm Barking and Anxious Dogs

cbd dog treats

Dogs, like humans, also experience stressful situations, so it is important to address the signs and symptoms right away to avoid aggressive behavior. In this article, find out more about the facts, benefits, and tips of CBD oil and CBD treats to help ease the tension and anxiety experienced by dogs.

Cannabidiol is an active compound of cannabis and hemp. It is non-psychoactive and act as a natural food supplement or taken directly by humans and animals, like dogs, to treat anxiety, stress, pain, and other medical issues. When you know that your dog will face a stressful situation, it is best to give your dog CBD oil 30 to 60 minutes before the activity or event. This will help your dog feel more relaxed and help them go through a situation better. CBD oil can be incorporated into dog treats for healthy snacking, and for them to benefit from the good effects of CBD.

Benefits of CBD Oil and CBD Treats

Pet owners give their dogs CBD oil prior to vet appointments to curb the fear they feel. It is also a good idea giving CBD oil before walking or jogging in a new place to help in alleviating stress and making it easier for them to follow instructions. You may give CBD edibles during storms to keep them relaxed and less tense.

CBD oil can also help address other health issues such as upset tummy or digestive problems, joint pain, inflammation, allergy, and mobility problems. CBD treats can help dogs having troubles sleeping. It alleviates discomfort and keeps dogs feel more relaxed in front of other dogs and strangers.

Right CBD Dosage for Your Dog

The dosage of CBD recommended for dogs depend on the weight of the dog and the existing conditions. For instance, a small dog will not need as much as what a big dog would need. You may need to give a lesser dose in treating mild anxiety than you do when controlling seizures.

There are CBD products intended for dogs, and the label would usually indicate how many drops you need to give your dog. According to Best Pet Care, smaller dogs would require the following dosage range: 10 pounds (1 to 5 mg of CBD oil), 20 pounds (2 to 10 mg), and 30 pounds (3 to 15 mg). If ever that the desired effect is not achieved after 30 to 60 minutes, you can increase the dosage.

Find the best dosage that works for your dog, and you can get a veterinarian’s advice about it. As much as possible, you have to start with the lowest recommended dosage, then work from there. Once the desired outcome is achieved, you’ll know how many drops of oil is needed every time. You can add it to your dog’s favorite treat for a more enjoyable snacking.

Side effects are always a possibility, with drowsiness as the most common symptom. On rare occasions, mild vomiting, and excessive itchiness may result. It is best to stop giving your dog CBD temporarily until everything return to normal. The gradual introduction of CBD is important to prevent these unwanted side effects.

How to Make Homemade CBD Dog Treats

1. Ready-to-eat dog treats. There are different ways to make CBD dog treats at home. A simple method is adding CBD oil to your dog’s ready-made treats. Just get the oil soaked in by choosing porous dog treats, which are granular. The ones that work best are dog treats with little holes.

2. Frozen Dog Treats. Another way is adding CBD oil to frozen dog treats. This is highly recommended in the summertime when your dogs need to cool off. Most frozen CBD dog treats need to be prepared in different batches. Just multiply the number of treats the dog treat recipe can make by the number of drops of CBD oil (what is needed by your pet), adding it to the dog treat recipe. It is best to add the CBD to the “thick” ingredients such as yogurt and peanut butter, then adding a liquid after. Mix it properly so that each frozen treat has the same dosage of CBD. Make a frozen CBD dog treat mix by placing individual portions in ice cube trays, adding the appropriate amount of CBD oil in each cube to mix it in. Leave the final product in the fridge for a longer period of time because the oil can change or lengthen freezing temperature and time of the mix.

3. No-bake favorite dog treats. These are softer as compared to baked dog treats. Place them in airtight containers to prevent crumbling when hiking or traveling. if you are always on the go, and you don’t have time to bake, then no-bake goodies are the best for you and your dogs.

4. Baked CBD dog treats. Baking CBD dog treats are possible, most especially those who have experience making cannabis edibles and those pet owners wanting to experiment. It is important to bake the dog treats at a lower temperature to prevent the evaporation of CBD. Do not bake beyond 392 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal baking temperature is 350 degrees Fahrenheit and below. There are recipes that don’t require baking, but if you want to bake, utilize the lowest possible temperature.

It is generally safe to make a CBD dog treat recipe. It is important to make a decision beforehand about the number of treats each batch will make, adding the appropriate amount of CBD oil for a specific number of treats. It is essential to make sure that you mix the oil in properly to get the right dosage in each treat. There is always a chance that each dog treat does not have the same amount of CBD, but giving a little too much is not really harmful to your dogs. Veterinarians know the benefits of CBD oil for dogs, so it is best to consult a veterinarian to ask for an expert advice about the right dosage for your dog.

10 Groundbreaking Uses of CBD

10 ground breaking uses cbd oil

The Increasing Popularity of CBD

There are people who have some negative thoughts about weed, but the CBD component of Marijuana, or also known as Cannabidiol, is slowly but surely becoming a popular cannabinoid of the Marijuana plant. This is because it provides a lot of significant medicinal effects that can treat specific illness and health issues without the side effects that usually come with the THC component, which is getting “high.”
A lot of people don’t want to feel the psychoactive effect of THC, so they are turning to the cannabinoid CBD to treat various illnesses. CBD is an effective medicine for anti-inflammatory and anti-psychotic, as well as treating nausea. It is also good at preventing and reducing cancer, reducing anxiety, and displacing the THC in the body.
CBD provides people with a lot of medicinal benefits without making them “high.” But scientists, doctors, and researchers have only scratched the surface of the potential the cannabinoid has. It has not been that long yet when they have started to experiment with the positive benefits that CBD provides.
That research has borne fruit, as scientists have now discovered ten new groundbreaking uses of CBD. This will add to the already many positive effects that the cannabinoid provides.

The New Discovered Uses of CBD

The popularity of Cannabidiol is continuing to rise, as more and more scientists and doctors are conducting research and experiment on it to learn more about what it can do. Recently, these discoveries are being shared in the community, and here are some of them.

CBD can Help Reduce Blood Sugar Levels and Possibly Treat Diabetes Complications

A recent study shows that cannabis has properties that can significantly reduce the blood sugar level in the body. The research shows that people who use cannabis are experiencing lower blood sugar levels than those who haven’t used it. It also showed that the effects of marijuana are much stronger if the person has used it recently.
Reducing blood sugar levels in the body means that the cannabinoid can also help treat diabetes. It can mitigate, reverse, and possibly cure the disease entirely. But aside from lowering blood sugar levels, CBD can also help treat diabetes complications such as glaucoma and neuropathic pain.

CBD Can Possibly Treat and Cure Crohn’s Disease

Several recent studies are showing that CBD has excellent clinical effects on people who are suffering from Crohn’s Disease without any side effect. There are also testimonies from people with the disease that are saying Marijuana with high CBD is helping treat, and even, cure Crohn’s disease and other inflammatory bowel illnesses.

Reduces the Risk of Artery Blockage and Heart Disease

Studies have shown that CBD is an excellent vasodilator, which can provide for greater blood flow in the heart. This result in lesser damage to the artery wall, thus the risk of heart attack and stroke are reduced. A study also showed that the use of CBD after a heart attack could improve the survival rate of a person. The CBD, though, should be administered while in the hospital.

PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) Treatment

Since the cannabinoid is excellent for treating mental disorders such as anxiety and depression, there is some that show it can also help treat PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). A lot of war veterans are also trying medical Marijuana for their condition and not relying on pharmaceuticals.

CBD Can Help With Insomnia

Studies have shown that about 160mg of CBD is more effective in helping people sleep than some of the other sleeping pills available. The cannabinoid also does this without the dangerous and undesirable side effect that some medicine for insomnia has. This is why a lot of people have started to use Marijuana to help cure and treat their insomnia.

CBD Can Help Cure Smoking Addiction

It’s not only diseases that CBD have been known to treat, as recent studies are showing that it can also help people cure their addiction to smoking and quit it altogether. A 2013 survey showed that CBD helped provide a 40% reduction in cigarette use for people who are heavy smokers.
Though more study is needed, the result is already a significant breakthrough and can benefit a lot of people who want to quit smoking but are having a hard time to do so. They need to replace their cigarette with an inhaler that contains CBD.

Treatment for Chronic Acne

Having smooth and clear skin is an essential factor for a lot of people, which is why billions are spent on treatments to make sure the surface, stays healthy and acne free. But now, people could turn to CBD products to help solve their chronic acne problems, as recent studies are showing the cannabinoid is an excellent and effective treatment for acne.
CBD has a natural ability to regulate sebum production and reduce inflammation, providing for a natural treatment for acne.

CBD Can Promote Bone Growth

Suffering a bone fracture is a frustrating experience since its treatment requires the fractured part being immobilized for an extended period (depending on the recovery rate of the person), thus causing discomfort. But a study has shown that CBD can enhance the biochemical properties of the healing rate of mid-femoral fractures. This means that the cannabinoid can promote bone growth, which results in faster healing of the fractured bone.

Balances the Immune System and Treat Autoimmune Disease

Several studies have shown that CBD can help balance the different components of the immune system, which helps in making it healthy and preventing certain diseases. Since the cannabinoid has a positive effect on the immune system, the CBD is also used to treat specific autoimmune disorders, such as multiple sclerosis.

Treatment for Fibromyalgia Symptoms

People who are suffering from fibromyalgia usually experience symptoms such as insomnia, pain, restless leg syndrome, anxiety, depression, and more. The use of CBD is providing these people with relief from these symptoms. Studies also showed that it only takes about 2 hours for the cannabis to take effect, providing people with a feeling of well-being.

Make Your Own Marijuana Oil Easy and Quick

how to make cbd oil

Lately, it’s been astounding how marijuana oil has been making a buzz within the cannabis community. It has been receiving positive reviews from all of its users as related to its effects and capabilities to heal. With this fact, a lot of people outside the cannabis circle have been curious regarding the existence of these oils for them also to take benefit of it.

Don’t you worry, making these cannabis oils do not require you to put much sweat. In this article, we are going to talk with you the simple process of making marijuana oil. Nevertheless, the methods that this article will be easy to follow without the necessity of buying a lot of equipment and materials. As for first timers, this is an absolute read for you to start with these oils!

What is a Cannabis Oil?

Similarly to extracts and concentrates, marijuana oils are processed to separate and use the cannabinoids (namely THC and CBD) to use the purest as possible. The only difference that oils have comparing to other types of extracts and concentrates is most likely the process and the appearance it employs. You could easily identify an oil to an extract just by looking through it. Preferably, an oil could be less viscous than the latter with a darker appearance on it.
Generally, there are three classifications of cannabis oil. The division is mainly characterized based on the source or the component being extracted from the oil. This includes the following;

Hemp Oil

Manufactured from hemp, these oils are most commonly used in food grade products and being sold dominantly online. These oils are a great source of omega 3, omega 6, and other nutrients.


As its name implies, these oils are mostly composed of CBD. This oil is mostly taken for its medicinal properties and is known to cure various diseases including cancer, diabetes, pain management, and anxiety. Nevertheless, this oil contains low amounts of THC so it will not cause euphoria upon taking the oil in high amounts.

Cannabis or THC Oil

Recommended only with few drop intake, this oil is mainly made from THC. Nonetheless, this compound makes people high for which is entirely opposite to known CBD Oil. Though this is rarely sold, there are a lot of clinical trials and enthusiasts who constantly make use of these type of oils.

The Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis Oil

According to some reliable sources and research, CBD oils, in particular, could be utilized as a treatment and remedy for various known diseases. This includes the following;
Muscle Spasm Reduction
Blood Pressure Management
Eases Pain
Relives Epilepsy
Helps with Depression and Insomnia
Provides assistance in Post Chemotherapy Symptoms
Cerebral Palsy Alleviation
Glaucoma Treatment
Other than these, there is a constant research regarding cannabis’ viability towards utilization on other chronic diseases like AIDS, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Making a Medical Cannabis Oil

Production of cannabis oil isn’t really that easy. It requires time and some equipment for the extraction to follow. However, there is an existing method for you to do it into your homes easily. This method will take things for more than an hour or at least 2 hours with an hour dedicated only for preparation. This method will be discussed below for you to follow intuitively.
Ingredients and Tools Needed:
An Ounce of Cannabis Buds (most likely dry)
A Gallon of Solvent (High-Proof Alcohol)
Medium Sized Mixing Bowls
Large Spoon or anything for mixing
Straining Device for liquid and plant matter separation
Container for Strained Liquid
Double-Boiler Setup (water bath system between a pot and the pan)
Spatula for Oil Scraping
Gas Stove

STEP 1. Preparation and Gathering of Materials
Collect the necessary materials and equipment that you are going to use for this procedure. Make sure that all the materials and tools that you have are clean as much as possible. Not just the tools, it is important to evaluate also the location that you’ll employ. It should be well-ventilated and safe with fire extinguisher ready in case fire would happen.

STEP 2. Mixing of Cannabis Buds and Alcohol
Pour an ounce of cannabis buds into a mixing bowl. Make sure that you don’t fill in the bowl with the buds and cater some space for the solvent. After then, add a gallon of solvent which most likely is a high proof of alcohol into the bowl. It is important also to vacate about an inch or two of space into the bowl as needed. Stir the mixture for 2-3 minutes using the spatula. This stirring will aid in the absorption of the solvent with the THC into the medical marijuana.

STEP 3. Straining the Mixture
Using a straining device preferably a cheesecloth or coffee filter, enveloped it into the open portion or into the mouth of another container. Then, pour over the mixture into the container with cheesecloth on it. After straining everything, remove carefully the strainer and squeeze it to remove all the excess liquid from the mixture.
Additional Note: Repeat the entire process for maximum removal of THC. The first process will eliminate only 70-80% of THC. The succeeding process will remove entirely all the THC as needed.

STEP 4: Boiling off the Solvent into the Double-Boiler
Using a double-boiler system, fill in the top of the device with the washing solvents and below to it, water on it. Gradually, heat the device until the solvents on the top portion of the device will boil. This activity will slowly burn off the alcohol evaporating it as needed. After a few minutes, constantly stir and scrape over the solution until you’d notice a dark green syrup, completely thicken into it. After then, turn off the boiler.

STEP 5. Storing of Medical Marijuana Oil
Using the spatula or a small spoon, obtain all the necessary oil and pour it into an air-tight container for storage. Keep the container in a cool place, most likely a cabinet to prevent anyone from reaching it.