Carmen x Durban Poison Marijuana Seeds

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More About Carmen x Durban Poison (fem)

High Yielding Medical Marijuana

Carmen x Durban Poison is a high yielding Sativa dominant plant that has caught the attention of many recreational users ever since its inception. With its subtle and mellow effects, one can be assured that the high from this weed is a desirable one—users who want to still be functioning while at work should be recommended with this strain. The psychoactive properties of this strain may not be overwhelming, but it still provides a decent high that recreational users can enjoy. The heightened senses allow for great conversations allowing this weed to be a great afternoon toke.

The best use of this strain is during stressful times. These are the days when you just want to calm down and relax. Thankfully, this weed’s medical benefits include reduction of stress and relief from pain. Psychological issues such as PTSD, depression, anxiety are also addressed with the help of this strain.

Growing this Sativa strain is fairly straightforward and should be done under a sunny climate. Avoiding the cold weather is highly recommended for the plant.

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