Carmen 2.0 Marijuana Seeds

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More About Carmen 2.0 (fem)

A Medicinal Weed Known For Its Remarkable Healing Properties

Carmen 2.0 is a popular cannabis hybrid within the medical community. It is known for its high levels of CBD and its immense medical potential for healing. This fruity-flavored weed is geared towards medical marijuana users instead of the recreational ones. With its fairly low THC level of only around 8%, this strain’s calming effects are well-suited for those who suffer from seizures. It is well-documented that CBD is highly effective against epilepsy and other health conditions.

This feel-good strain helps uplift the spirits of its users by overwhelming them with positive thoughts instead of dreadful ones. An efficient analgesic that is proven to remove aches and pains in the body; this weed is one of the best medical marijuana to have been bred.

To cultivate this specific strain, organic soil should be the preferred growing medium under a sunny climate. Such optimal growth conditions should yield around 350 grams per plant.

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