Spreading Good Vibes With Cannabis Scented Perfumes

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There are four kinds of fragrances that were created since the time it was made to make a person smell good. They are floral, spicy, woody, and fresh.

Cannabis was recently introduced as an ingredient of perfume. It is a new thing that defies tradition.

High-end designers are embracing this kind of fragrance. The acceptance of marijuana by public opinion and legal regulation made a difference in associating weed to beauty and wellness.

How would a Cannabis scented perfume smell? It’s not as distinctive as a weed.

The natural oil is extracted from the Cannabis plants, and it’s used for making perfume. As for the fragrance, it has a vague floral essence with a hint of herbaceous and earthiness that eludes the seasonal trend.

Some Cannabis scented perfume may have notes of pine and berries, wood, or citrus. Terpenes of Cannabis can blend nicely with other aromatic oil.

Cannabis Terpene

Cannabis terpene’s effect is similar to aromatherapy essential oil. It is stress-relieving, calming, and uplifting.

It has shown significant effects on our mood, cognition, and social behavior. It is inhaled, and it passes through the olfactory system.

It then connects to the brain that can direct it to a person’s emotions. It doesn’t deliver a high that marijuana can give, but it’s more relaxing and calming.

Therefore, it can spread good vibes to the user of the perfume and people who can sniff the fragrance.

The most prominent Cannabis terpenes are also found in common botanicals such as lavender, citrus, mango, and clove. They were not used before due to the legality issue.

The cannabis plant now has a legal status in 33 states, so it is used in many products, including perfumes.

List of Cannabis Scented Perfumes

1. Fresh Cannabis Santal

It is one of the excellent Cannabis perfumes sold in the market. It is specifically for men.

It bears the scent that is masculine, memorable, and sensual. It is being sold at Sephora, a popular company, so it gained exposure.

The aroma includes fresh Cannabis and Cannabis flowers. It has some fruity notes of kumquat, strawberries, and dark plum.

Some floral scents from rose and magnolia blend well with Cannabis flowers. A hint of vanilla was added to make it more inviting and irresistible.

2. Malin and Goetz

It is a Cannabis perfume concocted by Malin and Goetz. It is a spicy and a chic mix of floral and herbal scents. 

It’s a unique perfume and would make you different among your fellow perfume connoisseurs. Bergamot and black pepper are infused in this perfume for its top scent. 

The white floral scent of magnolia constitutes its middle scent. The base tone is made up of sandalwood, cedarwood, and patchouli.

This perfume makes a bold statement with its lingering smokiness, but it’s free of THC. The Cannabis flower releases the Cannabis feels as an herb. 

It doesn’t have content to put someone in a drug-state. 

3. Richard E. Grant’s Jack

Grant is an actor who applied the scent he was obsessed for. Marijuana smell is one of his favorites.

 He created the Cannabis scented perfume and called it ‘Jack’. It has some notes of nutmeg, mandarin, pepper, oud, lime, vetiver, and clove. 

They all created a natural presence that existed in a dark, dirty bar as it may found when camping in the woods. The woody, spicy scent contains lightness from lime and mandarin.

All in all, it’s fun and fresher take on Cannabis scent. 

4. Florabotanica by Balenciaga

It is Cannabis lite as it is mostly flowers. It’s a lush, modern spitz that is incorporated with Cannabis. 

So it’s not exactly a floral bouquet of a pristine and pretty setting. It is dark, woody, and energetic.

The Cannabis notes can be seen in the lens of darkness, which is on the forbidden side. A review of this perfume mentioned that this scent could be linked to a princess. 

To be specific, this floral perfume with Cannabis is suitable for a princess who wouldn’t refuse a green indulgence. 

5. 1969’s Purple Haze

If you want to try Cannabis scent perfume, Purple Haze can be a great choice. Aside from being unique and quirky, it’s unisex.

The musky and herbaceous smells are like cooperating with a hippie movement. There are notes of vanilla, black pepper, dry wood, musk, and patchouli. 

The middle notes are composed of thyme, violet leaf, gurjun, and palmarosa. The scent’s endnotes are filled with Cannabis, Italian bergamot, cypress, ciste, and ranesara. 

It is a full-bodied perfume out of the combination of herbs and floral scents. It also brings out the musky smell of the late sixties.

6. Reserve Avant-Garde

It is one of the excellent Cannabis perfumes from The CLEAN. It carries the scent that works with both genders.

The top notes are defined by ginger and bergamot. Sichuan and cardamom dominate its middle notes.

The base notes are with saffron and oud. All of the scents that contribute to this perfume made it blend that is both lively and artistic.

7. Replica

‘Replica’ Music Festival unleashes a warm and earthy fragrance. It’s one of the best Cannabis perfumes.

It can bring you to fields in summer days where there are Cannabis, incense, and music. It can also possibly take you to Woodstock days and call forth the state of Nirvana.

It has a woody and spicy scent with notes of Cannabis, leather accord, and Patchouli essence. It is a full-bodied type that can comfort you.

8. Kilian’s Smoke for the Soul

The Cannabis note in this perfume is prominent, although the smoke on its name refers to tobacco. It is luxurious, dark, and sensual, and these words are usually linked with pot.

The blend of eucalyptus, grapefruit, tobacco, cashmere woods, balsam, thyme, cardamom, and birch makes sense of forbidden. It is aromatic due to the green note from Cannabis. It exudes woody and masculine scent. 

9. Demeter

Demeter Cannabis Flower is a straight-shooting Cannabis scent that is defined in a single note. It’s not too overpowering or skunky, but you can’t ignore the strength of marijuana smell from it.

It has an amount of smoke, earthiness, hints of green and a touch of flowers. These things are what you can expect from a Cannabis scented perfume.

10. Eau de Parfum of Fog & Tree

It’s all about natural content in this perfume. The Cannabis essential oils are from Humboldt County in California. 

It unveils coastal vegetation and fog from the scent of musky, herbaceous notes of sandalwood and cedar. It then ends with a sticky icky.

You can buy this Cannabis perfume for yourself, especially if you are a Cannabis lover. It would also make a great present.

Fragrance as Part of Someone’s Decision to Purchase

The scent takes a big part when it comes to the purchasing decisions of customers. Strains attract many buyers due to their aroma.

Perfumers learned the skill of smelling between samples of various herbs or plants. It is also suggested that Cannabis consumers can spend 10 minutes to have the flowers on their hands before using them.

Doing it will allow you to smell more of the terpene and enhance your experience of consumption. The terpenoids and flavonoids from Cannabis can manage to open your receptors to embrace all of the effects that can be brought by Cannabis.

Kinds of Cannabis Scented Perfume

There are two kinds of Cannabis scented perfume. The first one is something that is made from real Cannabis.  It comes with the extracted oil from the plant itself.

The second one doesn’t contain Cannabis at all, and it’s just engineered to capture the Cannabis-like smell. It is usually done in places where weed is illegal. These two kinds of Cannabis perfume have different processes. 

Composition of Cannabis Scented Perfume

Four ingredients are needed to complete a Cannabis scented perfume. There are spring water, ethanol, base oil, and essential oils. 

Essential oils are divided into three parts, which are the top note, middle note, and base note. The fastest part to evaporate is the top part. 

Then once it happened, the middle note becomes dominant. The possibility of integrating the bridge note happens when there’s a need for transition among different notes.

Cannabis Scented Perfume as the Scent of Summer with CBD Content

With its legalization in some areas, Cannabis is almost ubiquitous. It’s no wonder that it is bottled and made as to the scent of summer by one of the biggest perfume retailers in the UK.

The Perfume Shop makes the energizing potion of burning Cannabis and vibrant ginger. It contains CBD, one of the cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant.

CBD has a therapeutic and calming effect, which is the opposite of THC, a compound that causes euphoria. They designed this perfume to go along with the scent of summer when you crave for cold drinks and nights are long.

It can uplift your spirit, and it’s totally free of drug effect. It has a woody fragrance that can warm up your body.

So wearing this perfume can spread the good vibes on sunny days. 

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