When to Use 12/12 Light Cycle for Your Autoflowering Cannabis Plants and Why?

light cycle autoflowering cannabis plants

Cannabis plants are naturally light-hungry plants that thrive best when they are left alone under the bright sun. But when you are growing weed indoors, delivering just the right amount of light is crucial to its overall growth and development. You need to be consistent and provide light and dark conditions mimicking the plant’s natural growth. Growing autoflowering cannabis plants … Read more

Do These Time Saver Tips if You are a Busy Cannabis Grower

grow weed easy

Growing a cannabis for the first time might give you a pressure since when you have finally decided to grow your own cannabis with these grow weed easy tips, you really have to dedicate your whole time taking good care of it and protecting them against the molds and other problems. So if this is the case and you are … Read more

Perfect Light Schedules Growwing Autoflowers

light for autoflowering marijuana

Autoflowering marijuana, compared to common saying, it does produce its flower with time rather than light. Nevertheless, they still have continual burning, thus purchasing the regular spot-on is important. Here is what you have to understand. Auto-Flowering Stage and Its Light Purpose When it concerns choosing the perfect light for increasing autoflowering marijuana strains, it’s recommended to recognize that light … Read more